US and Allies Hold World in Terror Siege With War Threat

US and Allies Hold World in Terror Siege With War Threat by Finian Cunningham – Sputnik News

So, the world is counting the hours to see whether the US and its allies will launch a military strike on Syria. If this war plan goes ahead, the attack will be furious – and the repercussions grave, as Russia sternly warned this week.

Indeed, we are talking about the very real danger that any US-led military action against Syria will rapidly escalate into a region-wide, or even world war.

Russia has alerted that any missiles targeting its ally Syria will be shot down and their launchers destroyed. The latter inevitably means US warplanes and naval vessels.

Already, Syria is set to explode into a wider war involving Russia and Iran on one side, and the US, Britain, France, Israel and Saudi Arabia on the other. Repeated lethal air strikes on Syria by Israel — again this week — are hardly met with condemnation, even when Iranian nationals were killed.

The stance of President Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, as well as Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May is abominable. These three leaders are threatening to take coordinated military action against Syria allegedly over a chemical-weapon incident last weekend.

They have no evidence of the alleged incident, despite bombastic statements blaming Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies. At times, the Western leaders even admit they have no evidence, saying “if confirmed” to qualify their condemnations. Yet on the basis of no evidence, the US, Britain and France are declaring preparations to strike Syria.

This is typical of the general degradation of international law by these three arrogant powers. The Skripal poison case in Britain is a particular illustration of how prejudice and contempt for due legal process have become par for their course.

The war threats against Syria are made even before inspectors from the UN-affiliated Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons have entered Syria — at the request of the Syrian government and Russia by the way — to carry out an investigation into the alleged chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta on April 7.

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