This Weird “Jedi Mind Trick” Is a Surefire Defense Against a Mugger

This Weird “Jedi Mind Trick” Is a Surefire Defense Against a Mugger By Jeff Anderson – Laissez Faire Books /

Their only goal is to victimize you with the least amount of resistance… take what they want… feel the power surging in their veins from terrorizing you and your companion… and be gone before they’re identified.

For this reason, they’ll ambush you at close quarters rather than stroll up from 20 yards away to give you time to react.

So when you have a gun pointed in your face and no time to get to yours, there’s only one thing you can do…

… Fight dirty!

So here’s a weird “Jedi mind trick” to regain the offensive in a mugging.

This tactic is just one of the sneaky tricks you can use if you’re ever caught in a sudden ambush.

Simply ask your attacker a question. Like…

What day is today?

How old are you?

What’s your name?

First of all, the human brain is genetically programmed to react to outside stimuli.

If you’re walking down the street and somebody calls your name, you’ll instinctively turn to see who’s calling you.

You can’t help it — it’s human nature.

So when you ask your attacker a question, it involuntarily engages the part of their brain that requires them to think of an answer — especially if they KNOW the answer to the question like in the examples above.

In psychology terms, this is called a “break state.”

What it MEANS is that they’re not thinking of shooting you. They’re reacting to YOU, as opposed to you reacting to THEM.

In other words, you just bought yourself a split second of offense, which is all you need to turn the tables on your attacker and take them out.

Now what you DO with that split second is where things get tricky…

Most of what’s taught today (even in high-priced “tactical schools”) is pure BS.

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