British Escalate With a Hoax in Syria; This Propaganda Could Lead to World War

British Escalate With a Hoax in Syria; This Propaganda Could Lead to World War by Harley Schlanger – Rogue Money

London media and the British-created “White Helmets” launched a crude new hoax over the past 72 hours, a “chemical weapons attack on a hospital in Douma,” Syria, as war propanda aimed at U.S. President Donald Trump. Though military intelligence experts saw through the hoax, and Russian officials had predicted it precisely, today’s British celebration was typified by the Sunday Telegraph headline, “Donald Trump Condemns Vladimir Putin after Syria Chemical Attack Kills Dozens.” At the same time Reuters and BBC, which originated the flaming story, acknowledged they had no evidence any chemical attack had taken place, except reports and (very dubious) videos sent by the jihadi group Jaish al-Islam and the pro-terrorist “White Helmets.”

Helga Zepp-LaRouche said this week that this new hoax, following immediately on the faltering British war propaganda against Russia over the Skripal poisoning case, is extremely dangerous for the world — but can be rejected.

She also noted that this propaganda is exactly in line with the open rebellion being incited against President Trump’s public order for an early U.S. completion of military operations in Syria, as in the Washington Post‘s lead editorial and Sunday front-page lead.

“Britain does not conduct one pre-war propaganda operation [the Skripal poisoning claim] and then stop when that falters and doesn’t produce full confrontation,” Zepp-LaRouche said. “No, it escalates the same pre-war propaganda mobilization. If this is not immediately stopped it can have the greatest consequences, including a final world war.”

She pointed to the Russian Foreign Ministry’s warning: “Military intervention [i.e., a new NATO missile attack] under false & fabricated pretexts in Syria, where Russian servicemen stay at the request of the legitimate government, is absolutely unacceptable and may trigger the gravest consequences.” And to Gen. Evgeny Buzhinsky (ret.), now of the Russian Center for Policy Studies (PIR Center), who on BBC accused Britain of lying, which could lead to “real war — the last war in the history of mankind.”

But also to American Defense Intelligence Agency veteran Col. Pat Lang (ret.), who called these chemical attack hoaxes “news feeds from the propaganda apparatus of the rebels, much of it supported financially by the British government’s foreign ministry, and delivered through MI6. What on Earth motivates the U.K. in this devilment?”

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