Cryptocurrencies On Lockdown in India – Reserve Bank of India Closes Gates Between You and Cryptos

Cryptocurrencies On Lockdown in India – Reserve Bank of India Closes Gates Between You and Cryptos by Rory – The Daily Coin

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As we, The Daily Coin and Daily Sound Bite, have been warning about cryptos for years we are beginning to see the cheerleaders from 2017 are either broke, have moved on to their next “get rich scheme” or they have figured out that blockchain is not “opaque”. The opposers, corrupt governments and bankers around the world, are still in charge and we are still attempting to get the keys to freedom from them. Make no mistake about it, the technocrats, bureaucrats and bankers that run the IMF, World Bank and BIS are not going to simply roll-over and proclaim defeat. They never have and those that understand this have been watching the crypto market from afar.

It’s not surprising to us that India is making a serious move on cryptocurrencies in light of their actions in late 2016 when the corrupt government of India announced, out-of-the-blue, the most used bank note in the country was changing and the bank notes in circulation held zero value. Citizens of India were, literally, dying while standing in line at the bank to trade the old bank note for the new bank note. The citizens that did not have a bank account were forced to open a bank account in order to make this exchange.

Why would the Royal Bank of India, after all this, stand idly by while people moved away from using the brand new shiny currency? Do people honestly believe the entrance and exit gates for using cryptos is going to be “free and open”? Seriously? If you still believe that ask any of the people of India that have been involved in cryptocurrencies.

This corrupt-to-the core government and banking system is the number one reason the citizens of India horde gold and silver as the citizens – all 1.3 BILLION have to seen this movie over and over and over. Gold and silver, in physical form, is what bankers and governments hate with a passion.

Opaque, offline and decentralized physical gold and silver – one of the oldest proven forms of wealth preservation. Everything else is just an illusion.

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