Monopolies in West and Free Markets in the East

Monopolies in West and Free Markets in the East by Rory – The Daily Coin

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Once again we find Russia acting more capitalist and supporting free markets than the Western world. Monopolies – google, Facebook, twitter, youtube – choke and kill innovation. Competition is not allowed, price gauging becomes the norm, supplies are manipulated and the in the case of information and data we find monopolies being extremely draconian and opening the door much wider for the police state to manifest. If information is manipulated and propagandized the war against the people is turned around and called a “war on police” as Trump has done in the past. We also have “hero worship” instead of arresting police and if they break the law and found guilty their punishment should be twice as bad as for a civilian. Instead we have police, literally, getting away with murder. – Visit killed by police – this is where monopolies must go in order to maintain their power.

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Why does the Western world allow these fascist corporations to grow and fester? Corruption, bribes (in the form of “campaign contributions) make it possible. If regulations are written to favor the big box stores or chain restaurants you have a lot fewer mom/pop retail and local restaurants. Monopolies make this possible – McDonald, Burger King, HomeDepot and Wal-Mart have all killed the local experience and mom/pop shops that used to be a major part of the landscape in America. Now people get excited about going to Olive Garden instead of going to a real Italian restaurant. People order from Amazon and have a completely lifeless shopping experience instead of developing another relationship within their community with the neighborhood clothing or hardware store.

We are told over and over how heinous Russia is and what a nightmare China is in regards to their human rights policies and actions. The U.S. and the West in general, are not different and certainly no better. The main difference between China and Russia vs the Western world is China and Russia seem to have adopted the principals of free market capitalism, which naturally creates a certain amount of sovereignty for individuals while the Western world seems to a desire to squash free markets – can you say QE, LIBOR rigging, FOREX rigging, precious metals market rigging? Sure you can.

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