Eurasian Consolidation Accelerates As China Retaliates for and Mocks Trump Tariffs

Eurasian Consolidation Accelerates As China Retaliates for and Mocks Trump Tariffs by James the Russian Analyst – Rogue Money

At the United Nations, that support echoed in Moscow’s envoy bluntly accusing the British of lying through their teeth and inventing an absurd story to defame Russia. In a half hour speech, Vassily Nebenzia, the successor the late Vitaly Churkin, excoriated the UK’s theory that the Russian state poisoned the Skripals as revenge for his betrayal of the country and as a message to would be defectors, asking rhetorically why Moscow let Skripal leave in a spy swap with Great Britain after eight years in prison.

Why, Nebenzia mockingly asked, would the Russians poison ex-GRU agent Sergei Skripal and accept the blowback days before a presidential election in Russia and months ahead of the World Cup? Nebenzia asked why if Moscow wanted Skripal dead, it would resort to a such an absurdly toxic and risky assassination weapon, and why British government sources have offered multiple versions of how and where the Skripals came into contact with the poison: at their door, inside Sergei’s BMW sedan, or hidden inside breakfast kasha or bay leaf Yulia brought in her luggage from Moscow (British pundits and supposed experts having ridiculed multiple versions of the crime mentioned in Russian media as a replay of the ‘conspiracy theories’ Moscow offered to disavow its alleged involvement in the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014, without mentioning the multiplicity of Skripal poisoning theories anonymous UK government sources have presented to their own press). In an appeal to states less inclined to be under Washington’s thumb at the UNSC, Nebenzia repeated Moscow’s willingness to join in a genuine joint investigation into the Skripal case, which the British have rejected both at the UN and at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

According to Nebenzia’s boss, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, speaking at a joint press conference in Ankara with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, at least 20 countries in the world are capable of manufacturing ‘novichoks’, the nerve agents said to have been used to poison the Skripals:

Trump White House and John Bolton-led National Security Council’s Plans to Reimpose Some Iran Sanctions, Even on a Delayed Basis, Likely to Exacerbate U.S./EU Tensions

The Iranians also criticized the Americans at the Moscow Security Conference, with Defense Minister Amir Hatami declaring, “They spare no effort to hinder the creation of the Central Asian security system, because they believe that any consolidation in the security sphere runs counter to the interests of retaining the strength of America’s power, standing and dominance in the world”. From Syria to the Soskiuth China Sea, everywhere it seems the Eurasians have had enough of the flailing, failing petrodollar empire’s games and lies. And Trump, to the chagrin of the failed bipartisan Washington foreign policy establishment, is making the U.S. position weaker, not stronger vis a vis the Eurasians and pivotal U.S. trade partners in Europe, led by Germany.

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