“I Just Discovered I Owe The IRS $50,000 I Don’t Have, Because I Traded Cryptos”

“I Just Discovered I Owe The IRS $50,000 I Don’t Have, Because I Traded Cryptos” from ZeroHedge

TDC Note – Believing all the crypto cheerleaders has ruined this persons life – how many more are waiting in the wings? “it’s like free money” until it isn’t. We told you and told you and told you to stay away and if you had to get involved to be sure and pay your taxes.


A Reddit user who was “surprised” to learn he owed the IRS roughly $50,000 from his crypto-trading profits – money that he had not set aside when he cashed out his bitcoins at the height of the boom – complained in a viral post that crypto trading “ruined his life.”

The alleged trader, who uses the screenname Thoway, explained that he bought eight bitcoins for $7,200 in January 2017 then cashed them out in December for about $120,000. Here’s the catch: his altcoin investments quickly sunk, eating away most of his bitcoin profits. But unbeknownst to him, by selling his bitcoin, Thoway had inadvertently triggered a “taxable event”.


Thoway said his lawyer advised him to cash out his remaining altcoins and give whatever is left to the IRS. Thoway, who has not been identified and has apparently gone “missing” from Reddit since his post went viral, told readers that he earns $47,000 a year as an office assistant.

Thoway’s lawyer said he should be able to set up a payment plan allowing him to pay down the debt over a long-period of time, likely ten years. Still, Thoway complains that, during that period, his tax payments will likely siphon off most of what would’ve been his savings, meaning he has essentially been condemned to live paycheck to paycheck for the foreseeable future because he made a profitable trade, but ignored the tax consequences.

“I feel like I might have accidentally ruined my life because I didn’t know about the taxes,” he said.

While the original post was removed by Reddit for several violations in the comments thread, it’s extremely likely that the anonymous Reddit user isn’t alone in his predicament.


Meanwhile, the April 15 tax deadline appears to be having a far greater impact on the crypto space.

According to Fundstart’s Tom Lee, who anticipated the parabolic runup in crypto prices late last year (and still sees Bitcoin rising to an all time high in 2018) said the April 15 income-tax filing deadline could be contributing to the recent market rout in cryptos. Bitcoin has fallen more than 40% during the past month, and suffered its worst quarter in history.

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