Taking Our Guns Really IS The Plan (Video)

Taking Our Guns Really IS The Plan Video – Bill Still

Ya know, I love Tucker Carlson because he is the deepest thinker around. For example, initially I wrote the headline of this report as “Taking All Guns Is The Plan”. But as Tucker pointed out last night on his show of Fox, it’s not about some utopian idealogy – a world of peace with no wars. It’s just about raw, naked politics. The left wants their guys to be the only ones with guns. That’s the real plan.

Tomorrow is good Friday. That’s when we Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ 2018 years ago. The founding fathers of the United States knew that until Christ’s return, this world is ruled by evil. That means that no matter what, there will always be wars. No matter what, there will always be murderers and thieves and rapists. So, no matter what, until that day, people can only experience the maximum amount of personal freedom if they own guns to help restrain evil. To think that government can do it all denies the concept of the social contract – where we all have to pitch in to make a freedom-loving government work.

I’m still reporting from just outside the one-time free-speech capital of the world. Good day.

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