Chris Marcus: Gold /Silver Report – There Is No Federal Reserve Balance Sheet UnWind Plan

Chris Marcus: Gold /Silver Report – There Is No Federal Reserve Balance Sheet UnWind Plan by Rory – The Daily Coin

If you noticed how, basically, every other asset class has at least doubled or tripled since the Quantitive Easing began and, yet, here the ones that would seemingly be the most sensitive to increased money and increased credit – gold and silver – have stayed where they were. Chris Marcus ~The Daily Coin

As Chris Marcus, Arcadia Economics, predicted on Tuesday March 20 the Federal Reserve did in fact raise the Fed Funds Rate by another .25 bps – or said in laymen terms 0.25% of one percent. This brings the current Fed Funds Rate to 1.50%. At this pace it will take another 3-5 years for interest rates to get anywhere near historic norms of 4.5 to 5%.

Chris has been writing for Miles Franklin for the past couple of months and has produced some interesting work. Chris has also rooted out one of the more overlooked statements by the new Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell.

But in either case, a half-hour into the broadcast Powell confirmed a statement that if properly priced in by Wall Street would have reset the entire financial board. Because at the 22:45 mark Powell makes clear that when the Fed talks about normalizing its balance sheet, they’ve apparently created a new definition of normal.

Chairman Jeb Hensarling: With respect to normalization I think you had said publicly that you expect the new normal with respect to the size of the balance sheet to be roughly $2.5-3 trillion and get there over 3-4 years. Do I understand that correctly Mr. Chairman?

Fed Chairman Powell: Yes


When did that become the plan? Source

What this means is the Fed is now defining a balance sheet as being $2.5-$3 TRILLION out of balance as being perfectly normal, acceptable and “balanced”. Or as Chris describes it as “stealth QE” to the tune of $3 TRILLION because when was the last time the Federal Reserve or the government hit the low end of a monetary projections? Never would be the right answer.

The entire world is sitting around waiting for this organization that’s credibility is suspect at best.

Anyone that wants to argue there’s market manipulation, we’re talking about a group that openly manipulates the bond market but just calls it policy so that people think that’s normal. Chris Marcus ~The Daily Coin

With bond market, the largest market in the world, being manipulated as a matter of policy, what are the odds that every other market is manipulated because they can be? The largest market in the world is manipulated and this market has a direct impact on everyones life that lives on planet earth. The best thing I can do is get as much of my wealth as possible out of the way these rigged markets. Gold and silver are one of the few escape routes we are afforded to get our funds out of the way these market rigging criminal bankers.

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