Gen Flynn Returns to Battle (Video)

Gen Flynn Returns to Battle Video – Bill Still

The last time I was working in the Pentagon, Gen. Mike Flynn was the most respected name in military intelligence.

That’s why I was pretty surprised when he was taken down so quickly by deep state operatives before President Trump’s inauguration.

Gen. Flynn was forced to take a plea deal to keep an out-of-control special counsel operation from bankrupting his entire family. Now that the Washington legal community understands the flawed basis for anything based on the illegal FISA warrants, Flynn’s sentencing has been put off – and you can be sure to add “indefinitely” to that because more than likely, that conviction will be vacated by the government on some Friday afternoon where some huge sex scandal breaks out inside the beltway.

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As head of the DIA from July 2012 to his retirement in Aug. 2014, Flynn knows the complete history of every loser swamp dweller inside the Justice Department and FBI. Unlike this crooked, self-serving, power-mad cadre of the CCC, Flynn spent his life in selfless service to his nation. Unlike the swamp dwellers, he is willing to give his life for his country. And also unlike these denizens of the Satanic deep, Gen. Flynn lead an exemplary life without stain – until their framing experts stepped in.

Now, however, Flynn is once again unchained. Late last week he made his first public appearance to endorse California congressional candidate Omar Navarro in La Quinta, California.

This can only mean one thing; Flynn is returning to the fight – and on the front lines. Target #1: Deep State. As one close friend told the True Pundit:
“He knows where many political bodies are buried in D.C. and what does he have to lose? Nothing.”

The Mueller prosecution of Flynn has bankrupted the General. After 33 years of selfless military service, he has been forced to sell his house to pay his legal bills. Yes, he will eventually get it all back and more after the lawsuits are over, but at what age? He doesn’t really care.

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