Double Speak and Lies. Private Truth/Public BS (Video)

Double Speak and Lies. Private Truth/Public BS Video – BPEarth Watch

For the Last 4 Days I have kept silent when 2 so called friends constantly accused me of dividing the patriots. These People are Stupid. Some of the info I have been given came from them, and yet I get attacked for calling it out. And I am the One dividing, Really. Mockingbird speech./ I have had enough. Why are these people attacking me in public while they know the TRUTH not Fiction? I have gone out of my way to help them. Et Tu Brute What are they hiding. Who are they Protecting? Why are the Screaming like The Dems getting busted for Pizz.. gate. Don’t Mess With Texas!!! Edits are to protect a witness that did not seem important to them.

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