Uprising? I Don’t Think So

Uprising? I Don’t Think So by Rory – The Daily Coin

Over the past few years we have continually heard about the coming “second revolution”, “mass uprising by the people” and other such nonsense. Well, we can’t even “rise up” against a piece of filth that has invaded a neighborhood much less an entire government that has eroded our rights, stolen our wealth and constantly moves our society towards a socialist/communist nightmare.

We have been attempting to, through the legal system, to bring one neighbor inline with the rest of the neighborhood. There have been rumors this person is filming pornography or selling illegal drugs or human trafficking, so we’re not talking about a flower bed that is in disarray. These rumors have persisted for several years. The police have been called to his home on a number of occasions and at one point did arrest someone associated with the property owner for tax evasion or misfiled taxes. When all else fails, arrest them for taxes!

I never wanted to involve the “authorities”. If you get in trouble and need the police to show up for a situation, you should plan on 15-20 minutes before they arrive. So, if you are being assaulted, be sure to call ahead, otherwise, good luck. This holds true with any branch or department of government. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with local, state or federal government – all slow as molasses unless you are making a significant “donation” to a particular candidates campaign efforts.

I say all this to remind those that think or believe “help is on the way”. Help may be on it’s way, but it will not be arriving anytime soon. We have been working through Nashville Codes department for this one property for the past 4+ years – help still has not arrived. Not only have we done their job for them, in providing endless amounts of evidence, we have continually turned in complaint after complaint after complaint regarding obvious violations.

Normally, I don’t like involving government for all the reasons stated above. I made an exception in order to do the right thing and follow the lead of another neighbor. When “following the rules and contacting the proper authorities” proved to an exercise in futility I addressed several of my immediate neighbors and ask them to join together and confront the filth that has invaded our neighborhood. Not only did everyone of them balk at the idea they all had what sounded like rehearsed responses. No way were any of these people “rising up” to secure their neighborhood – that’s the responsibility of someone else, someone like Codes or the police. Don’t involve me – “Im right behind you” is how one neighbor said it. I told him it would be better if he stood beside me and help in the fight. Crickets.

As we have pointed out over and over and over no one is coming to save you. No one is coming to help you. No one is going to “march arm-in-arm” with you. It is up to you to protect yourself, protect your family and ensure their well being. As the picture has become clear for me, the people surrounding me and my family would sooner do me harm than help me. Believe what you wish, but what I’m telling you is from personal experience. This situation has been unfolding for a number of years and now we know, without question, the most dangerous people in our lives are just outside our front door. What’s just outside your door?

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