Inhuman: What The Establishment’s Bot Hysteria Reveals About Their View Of The Masses

Inhuman: What The Establishment’s Bot Hysteria Reveals About Their View Of The Masses by Elizabeth Vos – DisObedient Media

The only apparatus that could hope to match the soullessness of the psychopaths that run our planet is manifested in the rise of artificial intelligence, paired with robots, which press reports indicate will replace vast sections of the beleaguered human workforce within decades.

It is particularly ironic, then, that the plutocratic class has developed an intense phobia of Twitter bots. In this author’s view, their intense abhorrence can be read in Jungian terms as the subconscious projection of the establishment’s shadow. That is, the more the elite protest about the use of bots on social media, the more they are likely to use such technologies and similar tools to attack the very human public that they constantly misidentify as inhuman bots. 

The concept for this article arose after a minor furor erupted on Twitter regarding an application designed by Robhat Labs intended to identify bots disseminating political propaganda, which was found to have been incorrectly classifying many real human social media accounts as bots, myself included. Excellent independent media thinkers have reported extensively on the issue of false attribution of dissent to Russian bots, including Adam Carter with his coverage of Hamilton 68, published via Disobedient Media.

The establishment’s deranged fantasies regarding Twitter trolls culminated recently in Robert Mueller’s indictment of members of a Russian click-bait farm. Disobedient Media and other independent media figures were quick to point out that the indictment was an utter joke.

The establishment’s hysteria regarding bots on social media unintentionally provides key insight into their view of the masses they have abused for so long. Calling your opponent a bot dehumanizes them from the start. It strips the subject of the essence of their humanity, their right to free speech and dissent. Going further, applying the label to the majority of real human beings who disagree with the corporate narrative robs the entire public of their right to voice an opinion.

This metaphor was borne out literally when the NYC Board of Elections illegally purged over 200,000 Democratic primary voters from the rolls, stripping their voice, illegally, in real time. As Jimmy Dore noted in a recent segment of the Jimmy Dore Show, though the Board has admitted that this illegal purge took place, there will be no hearing in open court on the matter whatsoever. Outright voter fraud has become business-as-usual in our deepening plutocracy.

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