JPMorgan’s Silver, Russia’s Silver and China’s Gold

JPMorgan’s Silver, Russia’s Silver and China’s Gold by Rory – The Daily Coin

In a recent video the producer claims that Russia is storing physical silver as a “strategic asset for the day when the dollar dies“. This is pure speculation and is based on someone’s desire for silver to return to the monetary system. I share this desire and would like nothing more than to see silver return to the monetary system. What if this silver is being stored for a massive solar project like China, India and Morocco are all involved in right now? I reported on the Russian silver stash several weeks prior to anyone else bringing this issue to the table and at the time we reported on all this Russian silver there was no mention of strategic asset or any report of it’s use. It’s just there. It’s very exciting to see all this silver, however, we don’t know for what purpose it is being stored. Here are the images from inside the Russian Central Bank where you can clearly see huge silver bars double-stacked on top of the pallets of gold.

In this same video the producer makes mention of JPMorgan’s silver stash and provides several charts and discusses the short history of the JPMorgan silver vault. Anyone that pays attention to these criminal banking operations understands there is probably nothing good coming from JPMorgan operating a silver vault. Is JPMorgan or Jamie Dimon caught up in some kind of web that will cause them financial harm? I seriously doubt it. JPMorgan and Jamie Dimon are in as much danger of going to prison, being called out on the public stage or actually having any of their criminal operation change as Hillary and Bill Clinton are in danger of having the fraudulent, slush fund Clinton Foundation shut down and anyone going to prison from their global crime spree. It is not happening today. Nothing has happened, nothing has changed and from the looks of things, it’s business as usual.

When we report on monetary changes or strategic assets we try to review it from a completely different perspective. We like to report on what is being said by the money masters. Listening to and reading the reports from either the heads of state or one of the banking cabal members like the BIS, IMF or World Bank paints a picture closer to what is happening or what is being planned. Someone like Jamie Dimon is merely acting on the orders handed down from the real owners. The current monetary masters, BIS, IMF and World Bank and the policies they create on a global and regional scale, are the defining policies foisted upon the world, period. Russia and China are setting the table to move away from this dollar based system and there is no doubt the global monetary system is going to change. It is, in fact, currently changing we are not sure which direction the system will take. One thing seems to be certain is it will probably be digital with an elimination of physical cash. Not 100% on this idea, but the systems seem to be moving in that direction.

To say that gold, and especially silver, is going to be part of the future monetary system is nothing more than speculation. China and Russia both have tons of gold and Russia has tons of silver. Does China tons of silver stashed for purposes outside of their solar project? We don’t know. We have been asking why these nations have been gathering all this gold and when the silver horde in Russia was discovered we ask what is the purpose of this stash. It would make sense the gold would be used to back a currency but that has not been discussed in any public arena, forum or documents. The only mention of gold as settlement was in March 2016 when Kazakstan met with the Shanghai Gold Exchange for the specific purpose of using gold as trade settlement along the New Silk Road/One Belt, One Road/Belt and Road Initiative. There has been no other discussion of gold as trade settlement and there has been even less discussion of silver. Outside of Hugo Salinas-Price continually making his argument to reintroduce silver as money and currency I’m not familiar with there being any serious discussions surrounding silver as a monetary asset. There hasn’t been any serious discussions surrounding silver as any type of “strategic asset” by any government or head of state. The last discussion regarding silver as any type of strategic asset was in 2012 in Greece.

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