Catherine Austin Fitts: Federal Government is a Money Laundering Operation

Catherine Austin Fitts: Federal Government is a Money Laundering Operation by Greg Hunter – USA Watchdog

Financial expert and investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts contends the Federal Government allows pension funds to be robbed. Fitts explains, “Our pension funds have real money.  Those pension funds basically finance the government and what the government is doing.  So, they buy Treasury securities, and then the government turns around and gives that money to the black budget firms.  It goes down the rabbit hole, and, meantime, what we get back in our pensions is an IOU from the government, which now we owe ourselves.  We are giving up real money, and what we are getting is an IOU from ourselves back.  If you step back and look at it at the highest level, it is a huge money laundering scheme.”

And if you think because you don’t have a pension that this problem does not apply to you, then think again. Fitts says, “The liability that can come back and bite you is enormous.  This is going to roll back and bite you one way or another as a taxpayer, whether federal, state or local.  The other thing is if your parents show up at your door with their pension funds cut and say, ‘Hey, can we live with you?  What are you going to say?  No, you can’t come in?’  You are talking about something that can cut incomes all over your network of friends and family and that will also affect you.  So, this is going to affect you one way or another.”

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