In The Wake Of Oxfam, Has ‘Humanitarian Aid’ Become A Euphemism For Oppression?

In The Wake Of Oxfam, Has ‘Humanitarian Aid’ Become A Euphemism For Oppression? by Elizabeth Vos – DisObedient Media

The latest Oxfam sex abuse scandal does not exist in a vacuum. It is not the first time that aid groups have been accused of sexual misconduct towards the very people the entities purport to protect, and without significant change, it will not be the last time that such allegations emerge. The current debacle began with the revelation of sexual abuses by Oxfam’s Country Director in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake devastated the island nation. The allegations eventually led to the expulsion and banning of Oxfam Great Britain from the country.

Reuters reports that Oxfam’s former country director in Haiti, Roland Van Hauwermeiren, admitted to using prostitutes at his residence during a relief mission before resigning in 2011. CNN wrote that Oxfam had published an internal report acknowledging that three staff members also “physically threatened and intimidated” a witness during an internal investigation into the issue. The New York Times discussed Haiti’s decision to ban Oxfam Great Britain from operating in the country. 

Additionally, a UNICEF consultant and child rights activist recently pled guilty to raping a child under 16, raising further questions about the essential nature of charity work. Any discussion of Oxfam or Newell’s misconduct must recognize the history in which such scandals are situated.

Such abuses have proven all-too-pervasive over the preceding decades, with Disobedient Media’s William Craddick, breaking coverage of the Clintons’ efforts on behalf of Laura Silsby. Craddick reported on Silsby’s illegal attempt to traffic Haitian children in the aftermath of the same 2010 earthquake that has become the setting of the Oxfam debacle, as well as the Clintons’ apparent efforts to intercede on Silsby’s behalf.

Many other independent voices have reported allegations of severe impropriety in the Clinton’s conduct in Haiti, especially in reference to the infamous Clinton Foundation.

In April last year, Disobedient Media also wrote regarding historical abuses tied to the United Nations, noting that the U.N. has faced accusations of sex crimes for decades, ranging from rape and abuse of women and minors in war zones to participation in human trafficking, prostitution and even production of child pornography involving senior U.N. officials and members of foreign governments.

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