Illusions Become Reality – Lies Become Truth

Illusions Become Reality – Lies Become Truth by Rory – The Daily Coin

We have discussed time and again how the Federal Reserve was created and the illusion that is the Federal Reserve Note (FRN). The FRN is not money as it is barely even a currency, as defined by the rules and laws of money and currency. We have lived with these illusions and lies for so long that people simply accept them as truth. This was part of the overall goal – lie, and keep lying, until it is accept as truth and if someone questions the lie other will defend it to the death. This is our world today.

We are now seeing, or not seeing, the use of technology that can warp every aspect of our daily lives. From words on a page, to fake news, to images on a screen.

James Corbett is reporting on twenty year old technology that has the potential to reshape our future by redesigning the past. Videos can be manipulated, people already know this. If you have been to a movie in the past 30 years you know all too well how film/video can be manipulated to create the illusion of truth. This new/old report, Lying with Pixels, discusses this technology and how it works and equally as important who is using it.

What does this technology do today? Look how holograms are being rolled out – rock concerts, award shows. This makes the technology cool and acceptable. This trains people, especially young people, assimilation of a technology that will be used against them in the near future. If the technology Mr. Corbett is discussing is already at least 2 decades old, how far advanced is the hologram technology? What version (generation) of hologram has been used in the venues discussed above? We will never know.

From the article James Corbett references in the video

Seeing is no longer believing. The image you see on the evening news could well be a fake – a fabrication of fast new video-manipulation technology.

by Ivan Amato July 1, 2000

Last year, Steven Livingston, professor of political communication at George Washington University, astonished attendees at a conference on the geopolitical pros and cons of satellite imagery. He didn’t produce evidence of new military mobilizations or global pandemics. Instead, he showed a video of figure skater Katarina Witt during a 1998 skating competition. Source

The author takes the assimilation program to whole other level in describing how, what sounds like, earlier versions of this technology were used in the making of films and used by filmmakers in general.

In the clip, Witt gracefully plies the ice for about 20 seconds. Then came what is perhaps one of the most unusual sports replays ever seen. The background was the same, the camera movements were the same. In fact, the image was identical to the original in all ways except for a rather important one: Witt had disappeared, along with all signs of her, such as shadows or plumes of ice flying from her skates. In their place was exactly what you would expect if Witt had never been there to begin with-the ice, the walls of the rink and the crowd.

So what’s the big deal, you ask. After all, Stalin’s staff routinely airbrushed persona non grata out of photos more than a half-century ago. And Woody Allen ushered a variation on reality morphing into the movies 17 years ago with Zelig, in which he inserted himself next to Adolf Hitler and Babe Ruth. In films such as Forrest Gump and Wag the Dog, reality twisting has become commonplace. Source

As a number of people are reporting throughout internet only news organizations there is a new war that has materialized over the past two years – this was is against information. In 2017 it was wholesale demonetization of YouTube video channels and google simply removing websites from being indexed in their search engine.  This year we are seeing wholesale deletion of YouTube accounts – without warning, without recourse. If you still believe we live in a Constitutional Republic please re-read this paragraph and explain to me how this is possible in a Constitutional Republic. It’s not. I know some of you are saying these are private companies and they can do what they choose. Well, not according to a California court that ruled private companies can not block free speech under their 1st Amendment rights.

I wonder how many times this technology has already been used to create scenes in “news” reports that never existed? Newspeak is real, newspeak has been here for the past 2-3 decades. As James Corbett reports in the video below this one piece of technology was first discussed in 2000 with a reference to 1999. This would mean the technology was in the development stage for at least one year, meaning we are talking about 1998 – twenty years in the making.

This is just the latest battle in the ongoing war for our rights. These communist, marxist, fascist entities that have been mobilizing against the American people are currently winning. It is up to us to ensure they stop winning. 3% is all we need. 3% of the population is what stood up King Edward and created the Constitutional Republic known as The Untied States of America. It is past time for todays 3% to stand up and be counted.

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