“Loaded For Guccifer” Aims For A Romanian Guccifer 2.0

“Loaded For Guccifer” Aims For A Romanian Guccifer 2.0 by Adam Carter – DisObedient Media

Introducing “Loaded For Guccifer”

During the past 2 weeks a wordpress blog titled “Loaded For Guccifer” appeared, attributing the infamous “Guccifer 2.0” persona (that claimed to hack the Democratic National Committee in 2016) to the owner of the company “THC Servers” (one of the service providers for DCLeaks, a web site that featured leaks briefly in the Summer 2016).

So far, the analysis has been mixed, by which I mean there has been some good detailed analysis that expands on what we know about Guccifer 2.0’s first batch of documents released but there have been a few apparent missteps made in several other parts of the analysis. This article documents an effort to scrutinize each article published so far and attempts to validate the information provided by this new site.

It’s important to point out that much of this review was written within a week of the Loaded For Guccifer blog going live, that it’s probably fair to say it’s a work in progress and that the author of the site has already responded to feedback and made adjustments, etc. (You’ll find some parts covered below are only available via the archived links now), so some disagreement and criticism here will have effectively become redundant since I started writing this.

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