Broward County Sheriff Denies Mishandling Shooting Response

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Broward County Sheriff Denies Mishandling Shooting Response AMBER ATHEY – Daily Caller

TDC Note – Coward Sheriff makes excuses for his role in the failure of protecting the community he is paid a lot of money to protect. Indict, investigate and prosecute Coward Sheriff and four deputies that stood down and ALLOWED 17 children to be murdered. Of course he’s on CIA Network saying these things as no self respecting media outlet would allow this cretan to be on their property spewing this type of nonsense with no rebuttal.


Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel declined to answer when CNN’s Jake Tapper asked him if four deputies were ordered to stand down during the Parkland school shooting.

It was reported this week that not only did school resource officer Scot Peterson not enter the school when he knew the shooting was happening, but three other sheriff’s deputies also waited behind their vehicles while the shooter killed 17 people inside the school.


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