Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School: 100% Failure At All Levels of Government

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School: 100% Failure At All Levels of Government by Rory – The Daily Coin

He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell

For those that have read 1984 you know exactly what I am talking about. For those that have not read 1984 stop what you’re doing and use this weekend to read the playbook the shadow government is using to corral the American people and absolutely crush any and all voices that have a desire to expose the truth. In order to understand how all this works you need to know what Winston Smith does. Knowing what he does is much more important than who he is.

If you have the opportunity to watch the movie it is as close to the actual book as you will find. The producer of the movie wanted everything to be as accurate as possible and for this reason the movie was shot in late spring and early summer of 1984 in the area of England in which the book is set. If you do watch, please make sure your spirit is in a good place as this is one of the most depressing movies I have ever watched.

The liberal left have seemingly lost their collective minds. The situation in Florida, as horrific as it is, is being used by these uncaring agenda driven politicians, legacy media propagandist and hollywood pretenders to screech their message to as many as possible as often as possible. Never mind the 100% failure of government at all levels – federal, state, local, school district and local police, all failed to act on the information provided by the public, the schools and even their own earlier investigations.

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♦2013 Broward County Schools were warned here.

♦2013 Broward County Policies Explained HERE

♦2013 Six School Police Affidavits HERE

♦2013 Example the way the Police Covered-Up Crime HERE

♦2013 President Obama’s Executive Orders HERE

♦2015 Broward County School Superintendent brags about statistical success.

♦2017 Article on the Broward County policy

♦2018 Article on Broward County rethinking policy.

Follow a simple timeline:  ♦In 2011/2012 Broward County School administration made a policy decision to block the arrests of students in order to improve their education statistics.  ♦In 2013 that same school board was warned what was happening as a result of that policy.  ♦In 2015 the School doubled-down on the diversionary policies and allowed students to break the law, including physical violence, without legal consequence.  ♦In January 2017 Nikolas Cruz criminally assaulted someone; again, law enforcement engagement was blocked by policy.  ♦A year later in February 2018 Cruz killed seventeen students.

What happens when you stop arresting students for clear criminal conduct and then lessen the school punishment therein?…. You get this:

Weaponized children is a particularly heinous crime and proves beyond question the liberal left will do anything, say anything and use anyone to push their agenda. Why these people hate America is beyond me, but I wish they would simply leave if they hate what America is all about. My guess is not one of the people attending any of these “rallies” or the so-called TownHall conducted by CNN, have any understanding of the Constitution or have any concept what rights and liberties are and how the Constitution is suppose to protect them under the rule of law. We have also learned the questions being asked by the students at this so-called TownHall, may have been scripted by CNN producers and writers. There is not better way to ensure your agenda is being presented than to put on a show with a prepared script for the people to read.

But, if you discuss any of this, as we are doing here, your video channel or website, will be the target of censorship by the giant tech companies in Silicon Valley. Since I use an iMac everything I type is going straight into the machine as I type it. It moves through Apple and directly into google and the algorithms are reformulating, as I type, to ensure this material is seen by as few people as possible.

This all began more about two years ago when the liberal left looked down from their ivory tower to see Trump surrounded by a massive group of deplorable’s. As 2016 proceeded and the throngs of deplorable’s continued to grow the liberal left were assured their reigning queen, hillary, would be elected. Nancy Pelosi said you could take it to the bank that Trump would not be President. Legacy media assured the American public that hillary would win since she was carrying a 98% chance of victory.

A funny thing happened on the way to the election – Bernie Sanders was cheated out of the nomination for DNC, the liberal left didn’t care. The liberal left didn’t care that hillary lied to the families who’s family members were killed in Benghazi. Liberal left don’t care that hillary had a private email server in her home accepting “donations” from foreign governments while she was Secretary of State – this is an act of treason. Liberal left don’t care that the “russia did it” narrative was created to redirect attention away from the Uranium One deal that happened while hillary was Secretary of State; another act of treason. What about hillary’s husband and former President, bill clinton, taking hundreds of thousands of dollars for “speaking engagements” in Russia while hillary was Secretary of State? The liberal left is absolutely silent about this issue.

We should ignore this short list of documented crimes and focus on the weaponized children.

Why weren’t children marched out in Chicago in 2015, 2016 and 2017 when the murder rate was off the charts? Why weren’t children consulted when Sandy Hook happened? Why weren’t children consulted or any video tape evidence provided, after the Las Vegas shooting? Why Florida?

We are no longer allowed by the giant tech companies to discuss these issues. We are no longer allowed to ask questions that upset the status quo. We are no longer allowed to think critically, only group think is allowed and only the type of group-think that pushes the agenda coming from the shadow government. If you think the term shadow government is some kind of theory I would ask that you listen to two of the most loved and respected Presidents of the United States.

The shadow government has learned from the past and they are using technology to shut down websites and video channels to keep the truth from the people. The good news is, the people are still seeking, still reaching for the truth but the technology companies make adjustment everyday to keep our voices as quiet as possible.

Once our voices have been silenced and the useful idiots on the left win the day it will only be a matter of time before the machine turns against them as well. When they day arrives, the liberal left doesn’t believe it will ever happen, there will be no one to defend them. There will be a disarmed society and a society of sheep that are treated as property. If the sheep speak out, they will simply be eliminated or “re-educated”. Either way, their voice will be silenced and the machine will continue to determine what is true and what is untrue.

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