Trump savages Adam Schiff, pouring salt in his wound

Trump savages Adam Schiff, pouring salt in his wound by  – The Duran

Democrat Adam Schiff displays brazen partisanship in double-talk comment that Obama should have done more to stop the Russian meddling, while still trying to nurture collusion allegations

There were two very entertaining tweets on Sunday, courtesy of US President Donald Trump, who has been feeling quite vindicated with the result of the latest Mueller conniptions – er – indictments showing still that no collusion between Trump campaign people and agents in the Russian government ever took place.

Adam Schiff, the Democrat House Representative from California who has been trying to pin the collusion allegation on Donald Trump and the Russians indicated that the Obama Administration played a hand in this, though perhaps indirectly, by not being strong enough with the Russians when the cyber intrusions alleged were allegedly detected.

NBC News reported that:

Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said the previous administration should have established a “more forceful deterrent” against potential adversaries considering cyber attacks against the U.S. or its institutions.

and President Trump jumped on that in no time at all with a couple of biting comments:

The funny thing that is slightly easy to overlook is that Representative Schiff has neither given up the ghost yet on this collusion thing, nor has he realized that what someone does or does not do has nothing to do with the party affiliation they hold.

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