New Level Of Crazy Reached As MSM Attempts To Brainwash The Masses

New Level Of Crazy Reached As MSM Attempts To Brainwash The Masses To Create A New ‘Pseudo-Reality’ With Claims of A ‘Russian Pearl Harbor’ By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Just when you think the media has sunk as low as it can go, BOOM, they manage to make even those of us that have been documenting their antics, shakes our heads in amazement.


Trump announces Presidency. Media laughs, selectively edits his comments on Mexico, declares his candidacy dead before it even begins. Trump starts rising in the polls, the MSM lies and attacks, and declares his campaign dead almost on a daily basis. Trump rises in the polls, even the skewed ones, and starts knocking off 16 GOP primary opponents. The media freaks out and publishes content 91 percent negative on Trump. Trump rises in the polls against Hillary Clinton. Media, washes, rinses and repeats their attacks while screaming about inaccurate polls showing Trump has no chance against Clinton, while the majority publicly endorse Clinton for president. Trump wins the 2016 Presidential election.

That is when the media started losing whatever was left of their minds. They cried openly live on-air on election night. Shock came next that they lost in their campaigning against him. After Trump’s inauguration, the media stopped even trying to report accurate news, and started spreading outright fake news (which they are still doing as evidenced by last week’s utter humiliation in regards to the Florida high school shooter.)

There, caught up. Good. Now, we see that Trump Derangement Syndrome suffered by the majority of liberal media outlets, has reached a new level of crazy, and how they are blatantly attempting to brainwash the masses with a “pseudo-reality,” so insane, it is almost like we are now living in the Twilight Zone.


One more reminder from April 2017: A memo titled “POTUS & Political Warfare,” written by former director of strategic planning at the National Security Council, Rich Higgins, rocked Washington. Before becoming director of strategic planning for the NSC, Higgins was an Army veteran and a former Pentagon official who specialized in irregular warfare.

In his memo, Higgins detailed “information campaigns designed to first undermine, then delegitimize and ultimately remove the President,” calling it “political warfare at an unprecedented level that is openly engaged in the direct targeting of a seated president through manipulation of the news cycle.”

On page 6 of that 7-page memo, Higgin’s explains how the media is used to brainwash the masses,  by pushing “pseudo-realities,” in a campaign to “delegitimize President Trump,” with preferred narratives including the “Russia hacked the election”, “Obstruction of Justice”, “Hiding Collusion”, and “Putin Puppet.” (Entire 7-Page memo on April 2017 ANP article)

To this day, we still see liberals and the media pushing almost all those points, that is how successful the brainwashing and mind control campaign upon the public was, and below, we will show how the media has converged on a different dangerous and reckless narrative regarding Russia, now that their “collusion” narrative has crumbled after the Mueller indictments which highlighted there was no collusion with Russia on the part of the Trump campaign or any American.

Over this past weekend, the new phrase members of the media and liberals are attempting to program into the heads of other liberals to push onto the public is PEARL HARBOR, the new “pseudo-reality,” the MSM is repetitiously stating over and over again to get Americans to “associate” Russian Internet trolls with an “act of war,” comparable to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

CNN has compared Russian election interference to Pearl Harbor multiples times by different people on air and on social media.

MSNBC analyst and Daily Beast columnist Jonathan Alter tweeted “Imagine if FDR discounted the importance of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and focused on how his critics had no proof that he knew about it,” using the #RussianPearlHarbor hashtag.

Karen Tumulty at Washington Post wrote a column, sharing it on social media with the message, “My latest: Imagine how history would have judged Franklin D. Roosevelt in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, if he had taken to the radio airwaves to declare that Tokyo was “laughing their asses off.” Tumulty also made sure she pushed the other “pseudo-reality” catch-phrase out in another tweet, specifying the term “act of war. She tweeted “There was no loss of life or destruction of a city in the Russian actions described in the indictment. But it was an act of war nonetheless, a sneak attack using 21st-century methods.”

Kara Swisher at Recode also shared that same Washington Post article, with exact same message that Tumulty used above.

Matthew Dowd of ABC News, didn’t use the term Pearl Harbor, but did reference the 1941 attack, calling Russia’s Online trolling an “act of war,” stating “The Russians committed an act of war against our democracy. If Trump were President on Dec.  7, 1941: “Japan started building aircraft carriers long before I became President, and they haven’t attacked any of my resort properties. What we should really be focused on is Wilkie”

On MSNBC, Democratic Congressman Jerry Nadler and long-time Clinton aide Philippe Reines, both compared the Russian troll farm, buying ads on social media and trolls different platforms, to… yup, you guessed it…. Pearl Harbor.

Glenn Greenwald over at The Intercept highlights how liberals are demanding punishment, but none want to actually offer up what punishment they think fits their own narrative, because “sanctions” against Russia seems so mild if these liberals and the media truly believe their own rhetoric in comparing Russian social media trolling in an attempt to sow discord, to an “act of war,” and specifically comparing it to Pearl Harbor.

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