Why America is Rotting From the Inside

Why America is Rotting From the Inside By Chris Campbell – Laissez Faire Books / LFB.org

“For decades,” David Hathaway, author of The EMP Hoax writes, “a gallon of gas was set at a nickel in Venezuela.

“The real gas price was out there to be discovered by the market, if it had been allowed to do so.”

And, to this day, the Venezuelan central planners are still on the case.  Still trying to hunt down that mythical “Goldilocks” price. Except now, no price… food, gas, water, wind… will go unset.

In the meantime, of course, its citizens (who were dependent on the government managing such things) are, in a much more expedient fashion, hunting down dumpsters, animal shelters and cattle farms because the food supply chain has been blown to bits.

Without honest market signals, Venezuela is groping in the dark.

At best, the central planners make guesses in full knowledge they don’t know what they’re doing. At worst, their guesses are what they deem to be “educated.”

But, either way, they scoff at the idea that the economy,  something so infinitely complex and rich, could ever be managed by anything but the infinite wisdoms hiding betwixt their ears.

And if the old birds aren’t as wise as they once thought?

Yoho. Not to worry, friend.

Not a single living skin cell is removed from their backs.

At the end of the day, it’s only those on the rungs lower — those who catch the overcast of the ivory towers — who feel the pinch.


“The same goes,” Hathaway adds, “with interest rates in the U.S.”

Allowing the market to decide interest rates is considered heresy in the hallowed halls of the central banks.

To suggest such a thing is to besmirch the very notion of civilization itself!

Pouring trillions of dollars into an economy, after all, is the ONLY way to get it back on its feet. (Much in the same way a constant IV of cocaine, Red Bull and  pixie sticks is the ONLY way to cure sleep deprivation.)

While artificially low interest rates have produced an eruption in the prices of housing, stocks, education, healthcare… and on…

We’re expected to believe that without such enormous artificial growths (also known, in some circles, as tumors) in place, the economy cannot possibly operate as normal.

Beyond the divisive politicking and culture wars (mostly distractions, a trick as old as bread and circuses), there’s something more insidious afoot.

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Chris Campbell

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