MUST WATCH: Obama & Rice Asked Brits to Spy on Trump (Video)

MUST WATCH: Obama & Rice Asked Brits to Spy on Trump Video – Bill Still

This is certainly one of THE most important stories I’ve ever done.

Within the last hour we received what appears to be an official British TOP SECRET signals intelligence document dated Nov. 17, 2016, showing that President Obama and his National Security Advisor, Susan Rice were the ones who first requested electronic spying on the candidate Donald Trump, just 7 days after Trump won the Republican nomination in late August, 2016.

The secret document, which has no redactions, was sent by Robert Hannigan, the Director of GCHQ, to Boris Johnson, the British Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs. It is a request for a 90-day renewal of an electronic spying program which had been running since Sept. 15, 2016.

Even the exact location of the Trump Transition team was spelled out – Trump Tower, 725 5th Ave., New York, NY, the 5th and the 26th floors.

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The spying project was called FULSOME. It was originally requested by Obama and Rice on Aug. 28, 2016:

“On 28 August 2016, GCHQ/CSO filed for permission to execute Project FULSOME at the request of the US President, seeking intelligence gathering into the Trump Organization and Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.”

It was designed to run for 90 days, however surprise – despite bugging two floors of Trump Tower for the last 55 days of the Presidential campaign, and delivering all that intelligence up to Obama and Rice – and you can bet it went straight to the Clinton campaign as well, Trump won by a direct miracle of God.

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