EU Chief: We Need Open Borders to Stop Populism

EU Chief: We Need Open Borders to Stop Populism By Dan Lyman – News Wars

Globalist enforcer demands Austria accept migrant quotas

Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, delivered remarks in Vienna in which he warned against the “destructive emotions” of those who oppose the on-going migrant invasion and denounced the rise of populism in Europe.

Following a meeting with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, whose coalition government has been implementing a series of new policies to tighten border controls and begin purging the country of undesirable illegal immigrants, Tusk issued loosely-veiled threats clearly aimed at Austrian leadership and their ideological allies in other European governments, such as Hungary and Poland, where Tusk recently served as prime minister.

“When it comes to managing illegal migration, Chancellor Kurz and I have discussed it many times already, and we have similar views,” Tusk said. “Migration will remain a challenge for many years to come, which is why we want to find a solution that makes sure that the EU – together with national states – can manage future migration flows efficiently and without creating new divisions in Europe.”

“It is possible, but naturally all sides need to compromise. Above all, we must put an end to the destructive emotions surrounding the issue of relocation, as they continue to fuel populism and divide Europe. If this issue is not resolved by ministers within the next months, we will need to find a solution at the June European Council.”

It seems that June could prove a pivotal month for the direction of Europe, and may usher in an escalation in punitive measures taken by globalists and supranational bodies against nations who refuse to bow to the demands of Tusk, Soros, and the rest of their ilk in the internationalist cabal.

Last week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban summarized an ultimatum issued by Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel in which Michel intimated that “force” may be used against Central European countries that refuse to accept ‘refugee resettlement quotas.’

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