The Golden Horde – Redirecting & Misdirection

The Golden Horde – Redirecting & Misdirection by Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

First, Who is or What is the “Golden Horde”?

While the phrase originally came from the ancient Mongols who overran eastern Europe in the 13th Century, the prepper community uses the phrase as follows:

“The “Golden Horde” is (are) the anticipated throngs of unorganized and organized individuals, groups, and ‘gangs’ who will be out roaming, searching, and even looting & pillaging for food and supplies following a major widespread societal and infrastructural collapse – without the rule of law.”

There’s a lot of varying opinion regarding the possibilities and probabilities of a Golden Horde, and how far (or not so far) they might get from any given population center. (I’ve written a number of articles on the subject over the years.)

A few teasers:
Safer Survival Distance From USA City Hordes
The Zombie Hordes Distance From Cities

That said, under extreme conditions of desperation without hope of external “help”, some will give up as they weaken, while others will desperately extend outward on the prowl for food, supplies, and whatever they need. Still others will individually or by group take advantage of ‘without rule of law’ because they are who they are. It will be dangerous times indeed.

I don’t want to get into the debate about the likelihood or unlikelihood of the Golden Horde itself, or how far they might get. There are lots of variables that may affect this including population density, regional – geographical and other factors.

However let’s assume for this topic of discussion that there are “hordes” of varying numbers who are prowling for supplies in your region.

The question is, how might the Golden Horde be misdirected or redirected so as to lesson your chances of an encounter or being overrun and pillaged?

And let me preface this by saying:
I hope this type of situation never happens!


I have read my share of novels within this genre. (Check our Survival Library for a number of good reads). The thing is, when the issue of confrontation with the Golden Horde (or variants thereof) comes up, there’s always a shooting war involved.

While a physical confrontation may be a last resort, and perhaps unavoidable under some circumstances, one would think that all efforts should be made to avoid the chance of confrontation to begin with. When the bullets start flying, no matter how you look at it, it’s life and death probabilities on either side. What if your side takes losses or loses?

So…once again, how might this be avoided, misdirected or redirected?

‘CR’ from the blog recently commented,

“SHTF and WROL.” “The Golden Horde may in fact be looting and causing general mayhem. Myself, I am hoping people remain civilized for the most part. Looters and angry mobs can become very ugly in short order if unchecked.”

I agree with the hoping part (although not actionable itself), and I also agree that “angry mobs” can (and likely will) become very ugly – quickly. Desperate people will likely do desperate things. Especially if their very survival is dependent upon it.

If there is any possibility of a Golden Horde in your area, no matter how large or small the groups themselves, one might consider a plan of action (and a backup plan) just in case.


Work out scenarios for each of a number of hypothetical group sizes.

There will be individuals by themselves. There will be small groups of just a few or several. There may be larger, more organized groups of squad size up to a dozen individuals. There may even be larger ‘platoon’ size units say up to 30 or so… And so on. You get the idea.

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