Venezuela: Welcome to the Apocalypse

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Venezuela: Welcome to the Apocalypse by Rory – The Daily Coin

One of the best sources covering the descent of Venezuela, for almost five years, has been Daisy Luther. She has presented a working case-study of an economic collapse and all the reasons one should prepare and keep quiet about what they are doing. Loose lips sinks ships and when ships sink people die.

The mainstream media has only recently covered any of the real issues the “man on the street” has been dealing with as the lunatics in charge of the government have run the country’s finances into the ground and created an out-of-control situation that most people would only believe exist on TV or in the movies. Unfortunately, it is real life for millions of Venezuelans everyday. In a nation of 30 million people if only 10% are suffering under the weight of a “worst case scenario” we are talking about 3 million people. As most thinking people understand parents of small children will do things that are not natural in order to protect or help their children. When we are talking about a complete collapse of resources of every type, desperation becomes a way of life.

For a brief history of the collapse The Organic Prepper put together this timeline in June 2017 chronicling the previous four years of a collapsing nation

As Ms. Luther  noted: The country has been on the way down since a socialist government destroyed the economy. Here’s a quick timeline:

  • Private ownership of guns was banned in 2012. Then things began to go downhill in a hurry.
  • In 2013, preppers were relabeled “hoarders” and the act of stocking up became illegal.
  • In 2014, the government instituted a fingerprint registry for those who wished to buy food to ensure they didn’t take more than their “share.”
  • In 2015, things began to devolve more quickly as electricity began to be rationed and farmers were forced to turn over their harvests to the government.
  • 2016 brought the announcement that folks were on their own – there was simply not enough food. As well, despite the rationing, an electricity shortage was announced.
  • 2016 also brought the news that the country was out of everything: food, medicine, and nearly all basic necessities. People were dying of starvation and malnourishment made other illnesses even worse. Hyperinflation brought exorbitant prices, like $150 for a dozen eggs.
  • Now,  civil war is near (if not already happening.) They’re calling it “protests” but violence between the people and the government is ongoing. This rage is stoked by wealthy Venezuelans who enjoy luxurious meals, fabulous parties, and lush accommodations while the rest of the country struggles to find a bag of rice they can afford. Let them eat cake?

We have republished almost all of the work, on the topic of Venezuela,  produced by Ms. Luther as we see this as a case study in economic collapse, an “economic hit” as presented by John Perkins and one of the best case studies in preparedness. If you have been following along you know all too well what we are talking about and fully understand being self-sufficient is absolutely essential if one wishes to make it through the financial and economic changes that are dawning all across the world.

A few months ago everything truly began moving towards an apocalyptic scenario and today we find that not even mainstream media can ignore the situation.

While truck heists have long been common in Latin America’s major economies from Mexico to Brazil, looting of cargoes on roads has soared in Venezuela in recent times and appears to be not just a result of common crime but directly linked to growing hunger and desperation among the population of 30 million.

Across Venezuela, there were some 162 lootings in January, including 42 robberies of trucks, according to the consultancy Oswaldo Ramirez Consultores (ORC), which tracks road safety for companies. That compared to eight lootings, including one truck robbery, in the same month of last year.

“The hunger and despair are far worse than people realize, what we are seeing on the roads is just another manifestation of that. We’ve also been seeing people stealing and butchering animals in fields, attacking shops and blocking roads to protest their lack of food. It’s become extremely serious,” said ORC director Oswaldo Ramirez.

Eight people have died in the lootings in January of this year, according to a Reuters tally.

The dystopian attacks in a country with one of the world’s highest murder rates are pushing up transport and food costs in an already hyperinflationary environment, as well as stifling movement of goods in the crisis-hit OPEC nation. Source

When you have one statistic to climb from 8 truck lootings and skyrocket to 162 truck lootings in a short 12 months one can only imagine the desperation the people must be experiencing. This is not a “lack of food” this represents a complete disappearance of food. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a 2,000% increase in the hijacking of food transports.

“The best protection is to be submissive, hand things over,” said Roberto Maldonado, who handles paperwork for truckers in La Grita. “When people are hungry, they are dangerous.”

However, all the truckers interviewed by Reuters said they knew of someone murdered on the roads – mainly during targeted robberies rather than spontaneous lootings.

With new tires now going for about 70 million bolivars – about $300 on the black market or more than two decades of work at the official minimum wage – looters often swipe them along with food.

The journey from the Andes to Caracas passes about 25 checkpoints, where the truckers have to alight and seek a stamp from National Guard soldiers.

At some, a bribe is required, with a bag of potatoes now more effective than increasingly worthless cash. Source

If one believes this could “never happen here” my guess is if you ask any of the people in Venezuela in 2005 if what everyday life has become in 2018 98-99% or more would have said – “never happen here”. Preparedness is much more than having a stack of gold and silver coins, a firearm or two and a couple of additional cans of beans on the shelf. It is more of a way of life that keeps a person aware of what is happening all around them and then acting upon what they observe instead of blindly moving through the day as if the sun always shines. Allow the recent gyrations in the stock market to shake a little more awareness and urgency into how the day unfolds and what constitutes “important” and “need”. It could possibly make the difference between having the appropriate supplies and attempting to loot a vegetable truck. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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