31% Of Democrats, 55% Of Independents Paying Close Attention To FISA Abuse Issue Know The MSM Is Lying To Them

31% Of Democrats, 55% Of Independents Paying Close Attention To FISA Abuse Issue Know The MSM Is Lying To Them By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Since the 2016 presidential election we have consistently seen the MSM claim that “all” the pollsters got it wrong, as they excused and justified their utter failure to accurately capture the mood of voters and the support that Donald Trump actually had across the heartland of America, while refusing to report (which they later admitted) how “hated” Hillary Clinton was in those same areas.

The prevailing consensus among pollsters and media organizations was that “everyone got it wrong,” but that isn’t accurate either as one polling organization, the IBD/TIPP poll on election day, predicted that in a four way race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with Jill Stein and Gary Johnson on the ballot, that Donald Trump held a 2 point lead. They were also ranked the most accurate in the three previous presidential elections.


The reason I highlight the IBD/TIPP polling success is because recently they conducted a poll regarding the story that has been dominating the news, about the Obama White House weaponizing the U.S. intelligence agencies to spy on the Trump campaign leading up to the 2016 election, and even after the election, and the numbers have severe ramifications for the mainstream media, as we see that 87 percent of Republicans, and 55 percent of Independents that are following the issues “very closely” or “somewhat closely,” believe the Obama administration “improperly surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.” The shocking number comes from Democrats that are following the issue closely, where over 30 percent also agree that the Obama administration acted improperly.

The poll also suggests that many Americans think the roots of the allegations made against Trump extend beyond the two major party campaigns in the last presidential election and deep into the Obama era’s intelligence and law enforcement bureaucracies, and may involve active political bias on the part of supposedly nonpartisan employees of both the Justice Department and FBI.

In the IBD/TIPP survey of public opinion, we asked respondents “How closely are you following news stories about the role played by the FBI and the Department of Justice during the 2016 presidential election?” Of those who responded, 72% said they were following the story either “very closely” (39%) or “somewhat closely” (33%). Our responses were taken only from those who were following the story closely.

Some 55% of those said it was “likely” that the Obama administration “improperly surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.” There was an obvious partisan split among the responses, with 87% of Republicans and 55% of independents saying the improper spying took place, but only 31% of Democrats.

On the question of whether a special counsel was needed to “investigate whether the FBI and the Department of Justice improperly surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election,” 54% responded “yes,” and 44% “no.” Again, 74% of Republicans and 50% of independents wanted a special counsel appointed. But even 44% of Democrats thought it would be a good idea.

Read the entire breakdown at IBD: Most Think Obama White House Spied On Trump Campaign, Want Special Counsel: IBD/TIPP Poll

As the tidal wave of new information continues to come out over the attempts by the Obama administration, the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC, FBI and DOJ senior level officials, and the MSM, to “rig” the 2016 presidential election, albeit unsuccessfully, Democrats have been downplaying the extent of the improper behavior of the Obama administration and the weaponization and politicization of the intelligence agencies beneath him.

The huge problem for the MSM is that they have attempted to do the same, willingly complicit in not fully informing the public, but rather pushing the Democratic spin as they seem to have become nothing more than the propaganda arm for the Democratic party.

Let me offer a recent example: After President Trump informed the public back in March 2017 that the Obama administration had “wire-tapped” Trump Tower, CNN and all the other MSM outlets claimed he lied, saying it was a “baseless claim,” they mocked him for his claim, until recently when all the FISA abuses and FBI/DOJ biases, were revealed, showing that members of Trump’s team were surveilled, including Paul Manafort, who did indeed have an office in the Trump Tower, and yes, it was surveilled.


CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin recently attempted to address the new information, which contradicted CNN’s own reporting back in March  through early September 2017, just to be cut off as they did not want to “inform” their audience, they wanted to focus on the anti-Trump news of the day instead.

Via the Daily Caller:

“The Democrats have already made their arguments about the whole subject,” he continued. “So the memo itself, I mean people will read it, those who are interested. But I think this has been the story of this past Trump year. Stories that were, you know, explosive and big. Remember he said, Obama wiretapped me. Like, what? That was a huge story we spent months on.”

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