“Bloodbath” – Dow Crashes Over 1000 Points, Enters Correction

“Bloodbath” – Dow Crashes Over 1000 Points, Enters Correction from ZeroHedge

Dow crashed over 1000 points today….




Markets “turmoiled” again today as Treasury yields spiked on a weak auction and the implications of a budget deal that means more supply is coming. This spooked stocks once again and XIV, the Inverse ETF, tumbled at the open – after ramping stocks delusionally into the open. As stocks got monkey-hammered again, so bonds were bid and ended with a relatively small rise in rates as plunges in Risk-Parity funds likely prompted forced delevering in stocks and bonds. Perhaps most notably, credit spreads started to snap wider and rate volatility spiked as equity market contagion spreads.

Investors have swung from “extreme greed” to extreme fear” in a record few days…

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