Trump to Release Memo Friday Morning Without Redactions

Trump to Release Memo Friday Morning Without Redactions by Kenneth Whittle – DisObedient Media

According to a recent report by the Washington Examiner, President Trump will declassify the controversial four-page memo that reportedly details surveillance abuses by the Department of Justice and FBI, and send it back to House Intelligence for a Friday morning release.

The news comes just days after President Trump’s State of the Union address, where he was overheard stating that he would “100%” release the memo.

The Examiner further reports that FBI Director Wray continues to oppose the release of the memo to the American public, citing: “grave concerns about the memo’s accuracy.”

However, as the Wall Street Journal reports, it is important to remember that the FBI knows and has known what is in the memo for a long time, as the Bureau had, “refused to provide access to those documents until director Christopher Wray and the Justice Department faced a contempt of Congress vote.”

The Journal further relates that: “The FBI’s public statement appears to be an act of insubordination after Mr. Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein tried and failed to get the White House to block the memo’s release. Their public protest appears intended to tarnish in advance whatever information the memo contains. The public is getting to see amid this brawl how the FBI plays politics, and it isn’t a good look.”

Members of the Democratic Party have also expressed their opposition to the release of the memo.

For example, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), has also come out against the release of the memo to the public. Last week, Schiff and Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA), wrote a letter to Facebook and Twitter, in which they expressed their fears that the top trending hashtag “#ReleaseTheMemo” was being pushed by Russian bots as part of a propaganda effort seeking to “attack our democracy”.

However, much to their dismay, it was revealed that the top trending hashtag was not the work of Russian bots, but originated organically by fellow Americans. This news did not deter a California duo from penning a second letter to Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday, in order to raise awareness about potential abuse of their platforms by “agents of foreign influence”.

Schiff also wrote a second letter Wednesday night, which was addressed to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), in which Schiff sought to further delay the release of the memo, due to “material changes” that were made to it. This came hours after it was reported Lou Dobbs of Fox News, that on Wednesday, five senior members of the FBI went to the White House to revise the memo.

However, as Byron York of the Washington Examiner reports, according to his House Intelligence source, the only changes made to the memo were minor and included: “A) Unknown number of ‘grammatical and clarifying’ fixes. B) One change requested by FBI due to sources & methods concerns. C) One two-word change requested by Democrats for accuracy.”

Democratic House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi (CA) has also expressed her opposition to the release of the memo to the American public.

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