Weekend of Q: Hillary and Obama To Be Arrested For Treason?

Weekend of Q: Hillary and Obama To Be Arrested For Treason? by Bankster Slayer – Rogue Money

“This is about calibrating and documenting and focusing an intent, a strategy, a call to arms. It’s about Where Do We Go Now? It’s about liquidating, marginalizing, and containing a Deep State out of control.”

— Lionel of Lionel Media, January 28, 2018

Dr. Jerome Corsi returned to the cyber waves on Saturday, January 27 as a flood of new #Q posts were dropped. We share these two Youtube videos below with some urgency as Dr. Corsi believes that the furor over the Nunes Memo (#ReleaseTheMemo), is about to reach a crescendo this coming week. The State of the Union address will be broadcast on Tuesday evening. It would not be out of step with Trump’s crusade of chaos to have that memo released on Tuesday, or even for the world to see charges of treason levied against former President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton over the FISA transgressions.


Near the 18-minute mark of the video above, Dr. Corsi lays out the events that have likely led to the release of Julian Assange and the implication of MI-6 in the Fusion GPS scandal. Corsi also speaks about the Executive Order that Trump signed back on December 21 that gives the Treasury the right to freeze assets of anybody involved in human trafficking – even if that includes seizing the American assets of Queen Elizabeth herself as the truth about the sexual deviance of the British monarchy comes to light!

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