What Is the Goal of Identity Politics?

What Is the Goal of Identity Politics? by Rory – The Daily Coin

There is no author attributed to an article I found at Dr. Paul Craig Roberts website. There is information within this article that some people will find highly offensive – if you are easily offended or have a closed mind, this is probably not for you. Well this website, in general, is probably not for you.

In my opinion this is one of the more important topics of our lifetime. I recently interviewed F. William Engdahl and this subject was most of the conversation. It is not about racism, hatred or anything of the sort, it is about heritage and culture. I can not change what happened 5 or 6 hundred years ago so please don’t tell me that I am somehow responsible for something that happened that far back in history. What is happening today is much different and far more sinister.

With a group of people wanting to open our borders and allow anyone and everyone to come in and not only allow them to come in but under the obama regime the taxpayers were funding some peoples trip to get here, our heritage and culture could be gone within a few decades. Now we see what these programs over the past several years have done to the U.S. and, on a much shorter time line what has happened in Europe. Europe is now being wiped off the map and I would rather not see the U.S. or any other country taken over because of a handful of criminal globalist want to erase any history, heritage or culture and make one big bowl of stew in Europe and the U.S. with zero affiliation to any culture or heritage.

What is happening today I don’t believe has ever happened in history. If there is a situation where a nation invited other people to invade their nation and fundamentally erase their heritage and culture could someone please send me a link so that I can learn what happened. If there is a situation in history where races were told their people should integrate with other races and thereby eliminate both races please send me the link. This is what is happening today and some people are cheering as they see this as healthy. These cheerleaders haven’t a clue what they are cheering for.

One last thing – there are only two sexes – male and female. If you believe otherwise, well, you need to study biology.


Is the Goal of Identity Politics White Genocide?

In the United States today defense of white people is illegitimate. Identity Politics permits you to say whatever you want to about white people. You can turn white people into untermensch by discriminating against them, teach hatred toward them, demonize them, tear down their historical monuments, and set them up for the gas chambers, but one word in their defense makes you a “white supremacist” like David Duke. https://davidduke.com/the-real-racial-discrimination-that-goes-on-in-america/

Note that youtube twice tries to discourage you from watching the video.

Here is the complete analysis of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth data: http://whitenationalism.com/div/Diversity.html

Note that Harvard’s own reporting on the racial composition of its student body does not report separately on Jews and non-Jewish whites but combines the two into a white representation of 45.1%: https://www.collegefactual.com/colleges/harvard-university/student-life/diversity/

There is dispute about Duke’s measure of Jewish over-representation in Harvard’s student body, but there is agreement that Jews are over-represented compared to equally qualified non-Jews: https://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/37502/are-jewish-students-over-represented-at-harvard-university For Duke’s point it doesn’t matter if Jews are over-represented 47 times or 13.5 times.

If David Duke has the facts wrong, he is no different from anyone else who gets the facts wrong. If being wrong about the facts makes one a white supremacist, the entirety of the Western media and all the governments are white supremacists.

Keep in mind that the point is not the extent of over-representation of Jews at Harvard, but the systematic discrimination against whites that affirmative action and Identity Politics have institutionalized in American society and that it is impermissible even to mention this basic fact.

I was surprised to see links to David Duke on PCR’s website, but the point he is making fits with the overall. Once again, no author is attributed to this article. We are all left to make up our own minds and follow our hearts. If you believe in God now may be a good time to spend some time with Him on this subject and seek His guidance.

Stefan Molynuex looks at what is happening in our world from a slightly different angel but it is along the same path. This is a little more food for thought.

Jordan Peterson presents questions and observations about identity politics

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