Qanon – Obama Retains Counsel Pending Memo Release? (Video)

Qanon – Obama Retains Counsel Pending Memo Release? Video – Bill Still

This week, Jerome Corsi put out his interpretation of last Sunday’s lengthy post by an anonymous poster seen on Twitter as QAnon.

No one knows who the mysterious QAnon is, but he or she is thought to be someone with access to the Oval office.

The latest seems to be that in light of the pending release to the public of the 4-page summary of the coup activities from the House Intelligence Committee, President Obama, has retained counsel in 9 different nations.

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The idea is that the release of the memo will be so damaging to Obama that he’s moved to a defensive position.

Now, we have no idea if this is true. Why are we offering it to our audience, then? Because an analysis by Dr. Jerome Corsi of Sunday’s cryptic QAnon posts.
Here are some of the highlights. Again, we don’t know if these are true, but we suspect they are. One thing is for sure – nothing we see is known to be false.

One of the first items asks: “Will SESSIONS drop the hammer?

Once the Nunes memo is released will Attorney General Jeff Sessions become bold enough to really go after the far-left Democrats behind the coup plot?

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