F. William Engdahl: Breaking Away from the Tyranny of the Dollar System

F. William Engdahl: Breaking Away from the Tyranny of the Dollar System by Rory – The Daily Coin

Over the past 3-4 years we have witnessed a mass awakening taking place on a global scale. This mass awakening actually began with the Occupy Wall Street movement that immediately, almost instantaneously, went global. It was also crushed about as quickly as it arose. People being fragmented without a common voice and common direction is a great way to kill an uprising. It doesn’t matter as the idea became part of the conversation, the everyday conversation. Movements come and go but ideas don’t die, they simply get planted into a different person.

Soon after came BREXIT and we are now seeing this work it’s way through the British Parliament after the required two year digestive period. The real question is, have the bankers and corrupt politicians done enough to ensure the people no longer see any benefit to continue being part of the EuroZone?

With the mass illegal immigration plaguing Europe we believe the people are steadfast in the desire to breakaway from having their lives dictated by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, Belgium. We see the thing in the U.S. with the election of Trump. The same bureaucrats that have told the British people they want all these illegal immigrants that must be housed, feed, educated and provided health care – all at tax payer expense – because it’s good for them!! Well, we see the same thing happening all across Europe and to a lesser degree here in the U.S.

The Europeans and Americans are now pushing back, and pushing back pretty hard, against these invaders that bring nothing to the table, offer zero skills and no desire to be part of the culture but have a desire to institute their culture in their “new homeland”. If you think I’m wrong please explain to me the No-go Zones all across America and Europe where the native people are no longer welcome in particular neighborhoods in their own community. Also explain to me how people who have zero rights in the U.S, as they are not citizens, can protest and demand laws be changed to accommodate illegal immigrants who have no rights? All the while demanding – and receiving – tax payer funded housing, food, education, healthcare and whatever else is needed for them to vote Democrat – I mean sustain life.

I sat down with geopolitical analyst and author, F. William Engdahl to discuss what is happening in Europe and with the Belt and Road Initiative.  Germany, where William lives, has become another flash point for the illegal immigrants to invade. According to Mr. Engdahl it is policy for Germany to accept one million illegal immigrants – called refugees – per annum! This would absolutely shift the culture away from being German to whatever culture the invited invaders brought with them. There would be no physical way to stop this from happening. In just a few short years Germany would no longer exist. The people can now see this and are beginning to stand up and say no more, no more today, tomorrow, no more, period.

We then shifted our attention to the root cause – the Federal Reserve Note (FRN), U.S. dollar working in tandem with the European Central Banks Euro. These two currencies have financially enslaved millions upon millions of people.

China and Russia have taken note, especially beginning with the financial meltdown in 2008, and have taken measures to move away from it’s use and necessity in global trade settlement.

Enter the Belt and Road Initiative that will not use the FRN for trade settlement. This “economic alternative to war” could possibly save the world from a nuclear war. If it doesn’t save the world from nuclear war it will be the cause of a nuclear war.

What they’re doing with this Silk Road (Belt and Road Initiative) is threatening the vested interest of Angelo American global money interest the money powers, the gods of money if you want to call them that. They are not only building railways they are building ports, deep sea ports but they are also building new monetary arrangements that would allow countries to have an alternative to the tyranny, what I call the tyranny of the dollar system.

The tyranny of the dollar system, dollar creation is controlled by the Federal Reserve in Washington and by the U.S. Treasury and Wall Street and it’s used as a political weapon. F. William Engdahl ~The Daily Coin


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