Dollar 2.0: Bitcoin is a ‘Project of US Intelligence,’

Dollar 2.0: Bitcoin is a ‘Project of US Intelligence,’ from Sputnik News

TDC Note – Well now, where have we heard this before? hmmmm. I wonder. Could it have been in any of the 17 articles we have produced here at The Daily Coin? Could it have been Chris Duane in any of the countless videos he has produced including one just today? Well, if either was your guess you would be 100% correct. It reached a point for me that I stopped writing about it, because it doesn’t matter – people don’t care. They will care a great deal when their world comes crashing down and the mark-of-the-beast is unleashed and they are the people that helped bring it to market. It is unfortunate that the rest of us are going to have to deal with what has happened because of few greedy people thought they were getting something for nothing.

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Natalya Kaspersky claimed that Bitcoin was designed to provide financing for US and British intelligence activities around the world. The expert called the cryptocurrency “dollar 2.0.”

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency was developed by “American intelligence agencies,” Natalya Kaspersky, CEO of the InfoWatch group of companies and specialist in cyber security systems, said during her presentation at ITMO University in St. Petersburg.

Kaspersky was giving a speech on information wars and digital sovereignty. Photos of her presentation entitled “Modern technologies – the basis for information and cyber-wars,” have been published on social media.

“Bitcoin is a project of American intelligence agencies, which was designed to provide quick funding for US, British and Canadian intelligence activities in different countries. [The technology] is ‘privatized,’ just like the Internet, GPS and TOR. In fact, it is dollar 2.0. Its rate is controlled by the owners of exchanges,” one of the slides read.

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