Flaky Sen Jeff Flake Calls Trump Stalin (Video)

Flaky Sen Jeff Flake Calls Trump Stalin Video – Bill Still

Outgoing Senator Flaky Jeff Flake lived up to his name today in spades. He spent today putting the finishing touches on a rollicking anti-Trumper speech which he pulled off with a straight face.

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Senator Flake it is a proven fact that the MSM has colluded throughout 2017 to support the wild conspiracy theories in an attempt to discredit and ultimately overturn the election so that this Democrat disguised as a Republican, Flakey Flake – to this day – would rather have this woman assume his office.

The difference, Sen. Flake, is that Stalin was a ruthless dictator who killed aver 100 million of his own people. President Trump has never been accused of killing anyone, however this woman has:

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And how many times did this statement by the rookie Democrat candidate for president appear on national TV? Zero.

Don’t you think America needed to know that this candidate was so unfamiliar with this nation’s history that he was no doubt the first in American history to not have a clue how many states there were in the union? Where were the guardians of Democracy then?

In fact it was so obvious to the rest of the world that the so-called Free Press was deliberately asleep at the wheel when it came to Mr. Obama’s foreign policy that they were making fun of i

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