Dr Warren Coats: Gold Standard & Currency Board Rules

Dr Warren Coats: Gold Standard & Currency Board Rules by Rory – The Daily Coin

I sat down with Dr. Warren Coats to discuss his ideas regarding a gold standard. As an economist specializing in monetary policy and former Chief of the SDR at the IMF who better to discuss a gold standard, or something like a gold standard, than someone that actually writes monetary policy at the global and national level.

This conversation was made possible because of an article that Dr. Coats produced in 2013 for the American Institute for Economic Research titled A Hard Anchor of the Dollar. I wrote a rebuttal to this article, after Dr. Coats had brought it to my attention because of an article that was published at The Daily Coin. There was a whole dialogue that sprang up with several emails going back and forth and several comments associated with the article I wrote – A Golden Anchor for the Dollar that presented some of my research and ideas about a gold standard.

Maybe naive on my part but the whole situation seems like a great learning experience with someone that has been entrenched in global monetary policy since 1973. There may be something to learn from someone with that level of experience and knowledge.

Dr. Coats is a great sparring partner as his ideas and mine didn’t exactly align but it seems there is enough mutual respect to conduct a healthy debate about what is happening within our monetary world and what needs to happen to improve our current situation. People don’t have to see eye-to-eye to arrive at solid solutions for most any situations. I don’t mean to imply we solved any problem, yet, but we discuss solutions that could easily be implemented to help curb the unfolding economic train wreck.

Don’t forget to comment below – the comments on YouTube are priceless. Not only do we get an insight from one of the people that actually writes monetary policy and influence’s nations and how they conduct business. We need to hear from you and your thoughts about what these policies mean to you and how they impact your life. Please comment so we get a good dialogue going.

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