Why They Are Calling Trump a Racist (Video)

Why They Are Calling Trump a Racist Video – Bill Still

Why are the Desperate Dems so determined to brand the tag “racist” onto President Trump. Everyone who knows him has said just what he says, “He is the least racist person you have ever interviewed.”

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Well, sad to say, but true; the Desperate Dems are just pursuing old communist propaganda methodology – if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.

Of course, the problem is that in anything short of a totalitarian society, eventually people realize that it was just a lie and you are just a recidivist liar. But the Dems can’t afford to worry about their reputations. They MUST win back at least the House in 2018, then defeat Trump in 2020, or they are done for a generation. Otherwise, Trump will succeed at making America great again.

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The problem is this desperate strategy is not going well. Two new polls show President Trump’s support among black voters has more than doubled since the 2016 election. His approval rating with blacks was a mere 8% on election day, and yet that 8% made the difference in several key states where the voting was very close.

But since then, Trump has been doing everything he can to push employers to hire Americans instead of low-wage migrants. The result is already kicking in. Trump’s average approval rating across all of 2017 is now 17% – more than twice as high as it was in Nov. 2016, according to a huge new poll published in the uber-leftist Atlantic.

Even the New York Times had to admit on Saturday:

“Employment gains have been especially strong for … African-Americans [falling] to 6.8% in November [2017], the lowest rate on record.”

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