Angry Bill Clinton denies Clinton Foundation stole money from Haiti to pay for Chelsea’s wedding

Angry Bill Clinton denies Clinton Foundation stole money from Haiti to pay for Chelsea’s wedding by  – The Duran

Wikileaks crushes Bill Clinton’s claim with fact based evidence.

Former POTUS Bill Clinton took to Twitter over the weekend to refute reports that claim Clinton Foundation donations paid for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Bill Clinton tweeted…

“No Clinton Foundation funds—dedicated to Haiti or otherwise—were used to pay for Chelsea’s wedding. It’s not only untrue, it’s a personal insult to me, to Hillary, and to Chelsea and Marc.”

Attached to Bill’s tweet is a Washington Post ‘fact checker’ titled, “Did The Clinton Foundation Pay For Chelsea’s Wedding?”

Paul Joseph Watson took to twitter to call out Chelsea’s hypocrisy…

Wikileaks had to remind the world they have email proof that the Clintons did in fact pay for Chelsea’s wedding with Haiti relief funds.

Wikileaks then linked back to a document released in November 2016.

The Gateway Pundit reports that the document was an email between Hillary Campaign Chairman John Podesta and Clinton official Doug Band.

In the email exchange Band mentions Chelsea taking from the Clinton Foundation to pay for her wedding.

It’s all in black and white Bill.

You took cash from the Foundation to pay for your only daughter’s wedding, lied about it and got caught.

James Woods is astonished at Bill’s “balls” for weighing in on Haiti…

Zerohedge reports that in addition to Chelsea’s wedding, WikiLeaks emails also revealed that husband Marc Mezvinsky used Clinton Foundation connections to raise money for his hedge fund.

In a Jan. 2012 email to Podesta, Mills and current Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Band wrote that Mezvinsky invited “several potential investors” for his hedge fund “and a few current business ones” to a foundation poker night fundraiser he had been planning.

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