The Darkest Time in American History

The Darkest Time in American History By Joe Jarvis – The Daily Bell

The darkest time in American history.

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I saw someone refer to the Trump Presidency as “possibly the darkest time in American history.” I’ve heard some iteration of that many times from people still in a frenzy over the Trump Administration.

I’m not a big Trump fan. I wasn’t a big Obama fan either. But their presence in office did not and does not hang over my life like a dark cloud. They really aren’t that important.

Yes, they have the ability to make life more difficult for many. It is unfortunate that any politicians have that much control over our day to day lives.

But the darkest time in American history?

What do you think? Perhaps almost 60,000 Americans dying in Vietnam was a darker time. Or maybe when Hitler’s armies rolled across Europe, Japan surprise attacked Pearl Harbor, and 400,000 American soldiers died World War II.

For Japanese Americans, FDR’s presidency was likely a darker time, as they sat in detainment facilities. Their crime was having Japanese ancestors.

In 1918 the Spanish Flu swept across the globe killing at least 20 million people worldwide, 675,000 Americans. At the same time, soldiers were coming home from WWI blinded by chemicals and mutilated by bombs.

And that is just going back one century. American history also includes the Civil War, slavery, and the Whiskey Rebellion.

Anyone who thinks Trump’s Presidency is the darkest time in American history is a poor student of American history. And I must assume their lives are pretty amazing if this is the worst they have ever felt.

Have a little perspective.

Trump has done plenty wrong. He has picked some terrible people for the Federal Reserve Board. His personal life, “locker room talk,” and Twitter feed is questionable best. Some people think he is a Russian Manchurian candidate… we will have to see how that pans out.

But hyperbole does not help the cause.

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