Trump vs the 5th Grade Tattletales (Video)

Trump vs the 5th Grade Tattletales Video – Bill Still

Democrats have completely lost touch with the concept of forgoing some possible small, short-term political gain at the expense of the welfare of the nation as a whole.

Yes, even presidents talk the way President Trump reportedly talked in a small private meeting in the Oval office yesterday. President Obama used those exact words to describe some of the poorer nations of the world, however, that never made the huge splash in the news for two reasons; #1 Democrats were scared to death of besmirching the reputation of the leader of the evil empire; and #2, Republicans had sufficient respect for the office, despite it being inhabited by the evil emperor, that they kept such private conversations, private, for the benefit of the nation as a whole.

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Democrats had better wake up. They are so desperate to destroy President Trump that they will do anything, say anything, even divulge private conversations in the Oval Office during heated negotiations. Guess what? No more visits to the White House. But also guess what? We, the American people, see it. We know what you are doing, and one minor swear word is no surprise to anyone. And it dwindles to insignificance compared to the major turnarounds Trump has already achieved across the face of our government.

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What did you think about the 5th grade tattletale? You immediately shunned him.

Here is just one tiny example of what we see. Trump has already made a HUGE difference for millions of wage-earning families across the nation, ALREADY!

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