“Silver Is Going To Go Wild” Bill Fleckenstein – Audio Interview

“Silver Is Going To Go Wild” Bill Fleckenstein – Audio Interview – King World News

TDC Note – We are very optimistic about the precious metals in 2018 and plan on adding as much to our stack as possible here in the early days of the year. Premiums are low, gold and silver are the most undervalued assets on the planet and it appears we have a little wind at our back – a trifecta of reasons to stack, stack, stack!!!

It is now becoming clear that silver is back in favor with most all analyst. We can only hope this carries over to people that used to see silver and gold as the money and currency that would end this current debt based system. We can only hope the people that were once supporters of precious metals are teaching the new people coming into cryptos the difference between money, currency, investment vehicles and insurance. My guess is it’s not happening. Too busy counting their fiat currency profits from cryptos.

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