Planning an Island Vacation? Here’s An Idea

Planning an Island Vacation? Here’s An Idea by Rory – The Daily Coin

Ah, it’s that time of year when some people begin planning for their annual vacation. The holidays are behind us, the kids are back in school and President Trump has opened his mouth, again, to show what a “racist” he really is.

Are you planning this years vacation? If so are you looking to travel abroad? What destination do you have in mind? Beaches, an ancient land or trip to the country of your heritage? If not we have some suggestions that may be of interest. Some of these countries, according MSNBC, CNN and other mainstream media outlets, like CBS, NBC and ABC would have you believe these countries are not sh**holes. Well, then I say book a flight and spend your vacation with “the people” get native and don’t even consider staying at the posh resort, find a local hotel in one of these countries and have yourself a swinging good time.

We have a few countries for your consideration – Somalia, Haiti, South Africa, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Romania, Sudan or Bosnia? OR will you be looking at places like London, Singapore, Turks and Cacaos, Ireland, Italy, France, Hawaii or Hong Kong? Is your minds-eye painting two vastly different pictures? Sure it is.

On Thursday January 11, 2018 Trump, during a private meeting, supposedly called some African countries and Haiti “sh**holes” and was asking why the U.S. continually attracts people with no skills, little to no education and that upon arrival here in the U.S. are dependent upon the state for their very substance. Well, anyone with a brain already knows the answer – votes for the DemocRATS and cheap labor for the RepubliRATS.

If one simply scratches the surface of this issue, no real “investigation” is required, a person would be slapped about the head and shoulders with story after story after story of corruption, human trafficking and embezzlement on a global scale. The countries that could be considered sh**holes all have a common theme, a common denominator – they are all influenced by the Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar and the dictates of the U.S. government. hmmmm, that’s funny, I thought we were “spreading democracy” all over the world?

Why are we spending billions and trillions of dollars to “assist” these nations for them to remain sh**holes? Excellent question. The short answer has already been provided but let’s review – corruption, human trafficking and embezzlement.

Just to support this idea below are excerpts from four different articles, three different years and four different sources. The conclusion reached by all is exactly the same. Oh, by the way, these are so-called “well respected mainstream media” sources – but around here we refer to them as presstitutes.

So, for all the snowflake, hypocritical Obama/Hillary/Oprah supporters chew on this and let me know how it taste.

What Does Haiti Have to Show for $13 Billion in Earthquake Aid?


At a donors conference in New York three months after Port-au-Prince and much of the south was wrecked, nations from around the globe, led by the United States, pledged billions more for the short and long term — to be managed by a commission co-chaired by Bill Clinton and the Haitian prime minister.

The United Nations said that in total $13.34 billion has been earmarked for the crisis through 2020, though two years after the quake, less than half of that amount had actually been released, according to U.N. documents. The U.S. government has allocated $4 billion; $3 billion has already been spent, and the rest is dedicated to longer-term projects. Source


The above was published in January 2015 – 5 years later and nothing has changed – only $4 billion has been ALLOCATED – who received it and where did it go?

US election 2016: What really happened with the Clintons in Haiti?

Donald Trump has said the work of Bill and Hillary Clinton in Haiti was a “disgrace”. What really happened?

“The Clinton family, they are crooks, they are thieves, they are liars,” says Haitian activist Dahoud Andre.

He has been leading protests outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign base in Brooklyn for the last two years.

He said protesters from his small activist group, the Committee to Mobilize Against Dictatorship in Haiti, will continue to level their allegations – so far all unproven – if the Democratic candidate wins the White House. Source


The above was published during the U.S. Presidential election campaign in 2016. The funny thing, there still hasn’t been anything accomplished in Haiti with the all the funds that were collected through donations.

Another article appeared in Real Clear Politics in July 2016 posing a very simple statement

How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich Off Poor Haitians

In January 2015 a group of Haitians surrounded the New York offices of the Clinton Foundation. They chanted slogans, accusing Bill and Hillary Clinton of having robbed them of “billions of dollars.” Two months later, the Haitians were at it again, accusing the Clintons of duplicity, malfeasance, and theft. And in May 2015, they were back, this time outside New York’s Cipriani, where Bill Clinton received an award and collected a $500,000 check for his foundation. “Clinton, where’s the money?” the Haitian signs read. “In whose pockets?” Said Dhoud Andre of the Commission Against Dictatorship, “We are telling the world of the crimes that Bill and Hillary Clinton are responsible for in Haiti.” Source


We could go on and on about the problems in Haiti and the origin of the problems and how Trump was actually 100% accurate in what he supposedly said. However, we are going to leave you with one more piece of support before moving on.


7 Years After Haiti’s Earthquake, Millions Still Need Aid

“Haitians continue to suffer years after the earthquake,” U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator Mourad Wahba, who has worked in the country for two years, told The WorldPost. “People lost their friends and family. I see the pain in their faces when they talk about it now. It’s a very long healing process.”

Guards raise the Haitian national flag outside the quake-destroyed ruins of the presidential palace on Nov. 16, 2010.

The earthquake injured about 300,000 people and left 3.3 million facing food shortages. With more than 80 percent of rural housing severely affected, hundreds of thousands of newly homeless people were forced to live in scattered tent cities. Vital public institutions including schools, medical facilities and government buildings crumbled to the ground in hard-hit parts of the country, including the capital of Port-au-Prince. The quake also decimated crops and irrigation canals in many areas ― a massive blow to a nation that has historically relied heavily on farming and agriculture. Source


The above was published January 2017 – 7 years after Clinton Crime Machine moved in and began “distributing” the funds through the Clinton Foundation. It appears Haiti is no better off today than it was 8 years ago. But let’s focus on Trump calling the place a name instead of focusing on the crimes and the ongoing problems due to the crimes committed during the Obama regime.

What is being said is that after 7 years with a purse of $13.3 billion nothing can get done. At my house we would call that an epic failure of Biblical proportions. But, Trump is a racist and the Clintons walk free and the Haitians suffer while the snowflakes have another meltdown because someone spoke truth to power.

At the 25:50 mark in the video below you will hear Producer CJ begin describing – in earnest and in quantifiable terms –  the human trafficking, Clinton Crime Machine and the globalist theft that we can point to in the sh**hole known as Haiti. The audio is not the best, but it is well worth your time. Adult language is used – so, you have been warned. The entire show is good as “V” goes on a rant worthy of the situation, lots of adult language, about the whole situation but I really wanted to focus on what Producer CJ had to say because it is simply spot on – the video/audio begins at with Producer CJ.

Here’s one last link to another “well respected” mainstream media source –

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