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Bill Murphy & Chris Waltzek Ph.D. Podcast – Radio GoldSeek


  • Bill Murphy of, returns with extremely bullish comments on the PMs.
  • Millions of new Bitcoin millionaires may convert a fraction of their digital wealth for something tangible resembling Bitcoin that they can hold in their hands – gold bullion.
  • Stacey Herbert and Max Keiser of the Keiser Report on RT recommend gold and continue to add to their stockpiles.
  • Max expects gold to double this year. Given the precarious position of the Greenback in the weekly chart a retest of the record lows could unfold in 2018.
  • Case in point, for the first time in history, 7 billion people, the entire populace have easy access to an alternative reserve currency.
  • Digital money as small as a penny is transferable instantaneously around the globe without requiring any permission.
  • Unlike 100% of fiat money, Bitcoin has a limited circulating supply of merely 4-10 million, according to various estimates.
  • Back of the envelope arithmetic suggests that the rapidly depreciating Greenback could collapse, in similar fashion as the British Pound via George Soro’s infamous operations.
  • Anyone who can fog an iPhone, i.e. all investors worldwide are urged to diversify a portion of their portfolio holdings into equal parts of physical gold, silver bullion, shares and Bitcoin.
  • Skeptical PMs aficionados are encouraged to accept cryptocurrencies as unencumbered assets, which share the highly desirable quality of their favorite investment class, the PMs.
  • As the masses around the globe recognize that fiat money is becoming a financial relic, the gold rush to cryptocurrencies will mark the genesis of a new PMs bull market.
  • Bitcoin / Altcoins expose the flaws in fiat money and PMs market suppression, all while paving the interstate, building the bridges and guiding traffic to unexpectedly elevated PMs prices.

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