Lior Gantz: China Dumping U.S. Treasuries – This Changes Everything

Lior Gantz: Gold, Cannabis and Cryptos - The Big 3 For 2018

Lior Gantz: China Dumping U.S. Treasuries – This Changes Everything by Rory – The Daily Coin

Since we are not financial advisors we are not offering advice of any kind simply pointing out what is right on front of any one that is paying attention. We like

Lior Gantz, Wealth Research Group, stopped by to discuss some of the trends he is following for the coming year.

As we reported, on a number of occasions in 2017, cryptocurrencies stole all the headlines as the banksters were making sure their latest tool of enslavement was shouted from every rooftop. The “alternative media” was most gracious and continue to be very accommodating in the first few days of 2018 to spreading their message of “hope and change”. Unfortunately, some of the real subjects that will continue to free humanity, through a variety of channels, like gold and cannabis, have fallen out of favor as the “average Joe” investor has turned his back on what has the potential to be very lucrative in 2018 and beyond. Both of these items are commodities, or hard assets, which we prefer to illusions or paper assets. Cannabis and gold both attempted to grab some headlines, but alias were pushed aside by digital blips on a screen.

Lior has been following the cannabis market for the past two years and has put together some great information that is free for the asking and will be providing even more information throughout 2018. He has also produced a number of reports about gold and his latest, Gold2018, discussed Fiore Gold that is headed by Tim Warman, CEO and Director, whom we recently interviewed.

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