More Support for Higher Gold and Silver in 2018 and Beyond

More Support for Higher Gold and Silver in 2018 and Beyond by Rory – The Daily Coin

You would think that people have abandoned the precious metals altogether by the way headlines read, videos being made and suddenly everyone is an expert on cryptocurrencies. In 2018 we are going to see a lot of people that thought they had suddenly become investing geniuses be scammed down to earth. The bank haven’t awakened to realize they are no longer in charge. The IRS hasn’t awakened to realize they no longer own our lives and the U.S. government did not awaken to find the bribes have dried up that allow them to pass the laws to protect the banking cabal. No, none of these things have changed, but the handful of people that currently believe they are investing geniuses believe these people have all fallen asleep and turned over the keys to the monetary kingdom. Well, they haven’t.

Gold on the other hand is doing what gold does, sits quietly and patiently for the right moment to exercise it’s right as the monetary king of the hill. That time is approaching. We see signs all around us and hear it in discussions from some of the most learned people on the planet. We also hear from the most criminal insiders about golds future as well. On rare occasions studied minds and criminal insiders agree – this is one of those times.

It is no secret that nations are moving into gold, encouraging their citizens to acquire gold and the Western world is about drained of all gold. We have people the world over, expressing a desire to remove these criminal government overlords from their lives. Most recently the BREXIT, Trump and Catalonia have been making headlines for close to two full years. The people in other Western nations have been rising up as well, just not with the vigor of these three massive movements. The shadow government, the people that are actually in charge of these countries, have all made their presence known. The people in all three nations continue to stand their ground and push back. We are reaching a break point with a couple of these situations and 2018 promises to be fertile ground for true resistance – not Antifa, nonsensical resistance, but actual, meaningful resistance from the people.

Enter the monetary system. This is where we find the actual “line in the sand”. All talk about a “line in the sand” that does not include currency or money is nothing more than a distraction. When the talk turns to currency, the conversation then becomes realistic. This is where we currently stand. The conversation around cryptocurrencies is bringing the “line in the sand” into full view.

The gold community has been watching all this hype and hysteria in the cryptocurrencies from several different angles. Mostly, we have watched in awe of how a free market works as we have not seen a free market in multiple decades. This has been the most telling of all aspects of 2017 and what has happened with the cryptocurrency market – it is an actual, free market space. Unlike, the stock market, currency, bond, commodity and all other markets that are managed by the banking cabal for their benefit, the cryptocurrency market has, for whatever reason, been allowed to roam freely. What we have seen is nothing short of mind boggling.

The question that I have is if gold and silver were turned loose and allowed to roam freely would we see markets react in the same manner as we see the cryptocurrency market? We believe the swings in gold, in particular, would be as huge as we see in bitcoin. $2, $3, $4 thousand dollar swings over a 48-72 hour period would be common place. The banking cabal can not allow this happen as this would be a signal to the world just how out of balance our economic and financial worlds have become. Gold is a barometer of economic health and if gold is moving up and down in $4,000 swings, people the world over would begin questioning every aspect of the economy and financial world.

The good, and bad, news is the cryptocurrencies seem to be doing this as well. As more people become educated to currency, money and finance people are beginning to see, with their own lying eyes, just how corrupt our economy has become.

Gold, as we have noted on many occasions, is going to move higher in 2018, of this we have little doubt. The crypto gamblers, especially the ones that know almost nothing about currency, money and finance, are not impressed with the type of growth we see in gold over the course of 2018. We are talking about another 10-15% year over year – maybe slightly higher but not too much. Remember, we are targeting 2021 as the year when everything changes, so a slow walk to start as to not attract too much attention. We see the same for silver as well.

ScrapRegister is the latest publication that is reporting exactly what we see.

Meanwhile, gold should benefit from “over-allocation” by investors in emerging-market nations who have a lack of other options, BMO said.

The bank’s $1,280-an-ounce outlook for gold in 2018 is a downward revision of 1.5% from its previous estimate. Analysts then look for a $1,250 gold average in 2019.

Meanwhile, BMO is forecasting that silver prices will average $17.78 in 2018 and $17.90 in 2019. Analysts suggested silver could play “catch-up” to gold, especially with industrial momentum leaving much of the market focus on base metals.

BMO looks for the gold/silver ratio to fall from around 79 as of mid-December to roughly 72. This ratio measures the number of silver ounces it takes to buy an ounce of gold, with a smaller number meaning an outperformance by silver.

While we completely disagree with golds annual average moving downward in 2019, we do agree that silver will continue it’s upward trajectory in 2019. As a matter of fact we believe 2019 will be an even stronger year for silver than what ScrapRegister is estimating. We see silver moving north of $20 by the end of 2019 and not looking back, as silver will be heading towards $28+ by the end of 2023. That’s a lot of ground from where silver is today. We see gold north of $1,700 by 2020, so, moving backwards in the $1,250 range is not how we see it.

The monetary system is changing and people are beginning to question what’s in their wallet and what even constitutes a wallet. We see a breakdown coming and possibly a split in the real world. Gold is coming back to the table, of this we have no doubt. Digital currency is coming to the table, we have little doubt about this as well. What remains to be seen or understood by anyone outside the ivory towers of the BIS, World Bank and IMF is how the Western world is going to deal with these two realities. It seems to be very clear that the AIIB, BRICS Development Bank, SGE, China and Russia, along with most of the Eastern world, are moving towards some type of gold backed currency – or gold used in some form of currency for everyday transactions and for global trade settlement. It is a little unclear as to how this will happen, but happen it will.

We are grateful for all the people that are now beginning to question currency and money. We hope they take more time with the study of these vital instruments of freedom and independence than most of them have with their zeal to jump head first into the cryptocurrency space. Gambling is not investing and luck is not a strategy. Time honored stores of wealth are what the wealthy seek, not blips on a screen that are as fleeting as a blip on a screen. Got physical?

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