British Assets Demand War to Stop Trump Cooperation with Russia and China

British Assets Demand War to Stop Trump Cooperation with Russia and China by Harley Schlanger – Rogue Money

Psycho? Paranoid? What is clear is that the British and their assets in the US and Europe are hysterical about President Trump’s continuing effort to establish friendships with Russia and China. To stop him, they are taking measures to prepare the populations of America and Europe for a war with Russia, a war which would very possibly mean the end of civilization as we know it. This is the entire purpose for the ongoing coup attempt against President Trump by traitors working on behalf of British intelligence through the Mueller “Russiagate” witchhunt.

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Both Russian and Chinese officials reacted very sternly to the National Security Strategy released by the White House Monday, prepared by National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and his team. Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov called it an “imperial” document, claiming that any economic or military strength shown by Russia and/or China is a direct threat to the United States. The documents claim that progress by Russia and China is “infringing upon world order,” said Peskov, “is obviously interpreted as a unipolar world reduced to America’s interests and needs only.” China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying, refering to the Security document, said that “the development achievements scored by China are universally acknowledged and it is of no avail to attempt to distort the facts on the part of anyone or any country.”

Trump himself spoke at the release of the annual National Security Strategy, rather than the usual practice of the National Security Advisor, who oversees its production, introducing it to the press. In his speech, Trump refused to describe either China or Russia as enemies or adversaries (as the report itself does), but only as competitive “rivals,” and insisted that he would “attempt to build a great partnership with those and other countries, but in a manner that always protects our national interest.” Trump has, just in the last week, held two substantive phone calls with Putin, and, as EIR (practically alone) has reported, Trump conducted a visit to China last month that formed a close friendship with Xi Jinping and an expanding economic connection to China and its Belt and Road Initiative.

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