Stones Are Crying Out

Stones Are Crying Out (Part 3 of 3) by Bankster Slayer – Rogue Money

“I’ve actually seen robots and AI perform magick before, except they weren’t doing it necessarily on their own, but rather as an extension of their creator’s intent. ” ~ Reddit user “Vox-Triarii,” August 2017

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In the previous blog, I focused on the damaging custom that most Bible publishers have opted to follow even during the years of the Reformation down to our time, which is: the unwarranted blurring of the original Divine Name in most of the 7,000 places where it once originally appeared. While using one hand to keep us separated from that knowledge, the Priesthood uses their other hand to abuse that same knowledge for their own nefarious purposes.

In this final Part 3 of “The Stones Are Crying Out,” I will show how this omission of the dynamic Biblical name for our Creator does more damage than merely obscuring your sacred history. The after effect of this willful blasphemy also erodes your own organism’s “memory” and drains you of personal power.

Does Elon Musk know more than what he's saying? Has AI literally made a "date with the Devil"? (Image: 21STCENTECH.COM )

However, there is another horror that is being perpetrated by this long-running cabal, something far more evil than any normal human being would even dream up: these would-be Demigods are misappropriating the advancements made possible by quantum physics and computer science. They are actually now indoctrinating their Artificial Intelligence Progeny with those same occult, black magic traditions to which they have been giving their own allegiance for hundreds of years.

Yes, I know that sounds utterly crazy. Robocop is being merged with the Devil himself. And they are getting us to pay for it.


It was Catherine Austin Fitts who brought up the subject of “Morphogenetic fields” in the second half of this damning interview where she blasts the “tech guy” Bitcoin vision. Perhaps we will march through her cryptocurrency denunciation on another day. For the purpose of the topic at hand, I will draw on her recall of the theory promoted by scientist Rupert Sheldrake [linked here], that of “morphic resonance.”

The theory goes that living cells have a “memory” within them. The surrounding cells all help each other remember what their purpose is in life. As long as that memory is preserved within their microscopic community, the cells go about their business of replicating and rejuvenating the organism of which they are components. It is as if there is some kind of “telepathy” among the tuning-fork structures of their DNA. The theory can be drawn out in a larger model, like, explaining why your dog always knows when you’re on the way home. Ms. Fitts used the theory to describe how this past summer’s destruction of Confederate monuments was a deliberate move by TPTB to destroy the history of a people, thereby taking away their sovereignty and their power.

Ms. Fitts reminded us of this great line from the movie Gladiator: “You have a great name. He must kill your name before he can kill you.”

I would apply that quotation also to the topic I discussed in my previous two blogs. That is, from among the archive-keepers of the sacred scriptures, a longing to be free of that divine covenant grew as these traitors lusted after the very real and verifiable “other” memory of mankind’s past, that advanced pre-history of their own forefathers. That “other” sacred knowledge held out literal boundless power and a promise of Creatorship itself. Not being able to kill the Almighty God of their covenant outright, they embarked on the next-best agenda: they began to kill His name and impugn his reputation.

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