What Pisses Me Off About Leftist Propagandists (Video)

2016: Year In Review with Stefan Molyneux (Video)

What Pisses Me Off About Leftist Propagandists Video – Stefan Molyneux

Question: “The Mainstream Media’s audiences are dwindling nowadays. However, there has been an uptick in comedians pushing propaganda. I call this ‘comeganda’. In the category of ‘comegandists’ I include Jon Stewart and his pupils like John Oliver as well as others like Bill Maher and Jimmy Kimmel. These people have become the brain of the liberal millennial. Countering these comegandists has been tricky. Whenever questioned the ‘comegandists’ play the ‘I’m just a comedian card. Also their watchers are often stubborn, snarky, and unable to engage in debate. In addition, comeganda is short and uses comedy so it lures in low attention span millennials like a creepy old man offering kids candy. How can we counter this? Should we debunk their arguments? Should we ridicule them? Or should we make ‘comeganda’ of our own by blending humor and politics?”

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