Ted Cruz’s Huge Gift to Homeschoolers (Video)

Ted Cruz’s Huge Gift to Homeschoolers Video – Bill Still

I’ve been pretty hard on Ted Cruz ever since he tried to steal the Iowa primary away from Donald Trump by hiring some former CIA spooksters to try to run Ben Carson out of the primaries by using every trick in the dirty trickster’s book. We documented this in Still Report #539.

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In retrospect, however, this is nothing compared to what the Democrats have done subsequently with bussing in illegal voters – even across state lines – to stack elections. Worse than that is voter fraud in general, and worst of all election fraud, where election returns are manipulated electronically. This is clearly illegal, in-your-face blatant, and has been clearly documented by Project Veritas. Worst of all, we can expect this to only continue until a few of the organizers of such illegal activities go to jail.

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Then there is the entire issue of not requiring positive ID in order to vote.

Just remember this, if the Russians tried to tamper with our elections, they were pikers compared to the vote rigging apparatus that continues to get more and more formidable with every passing election that the Dark Art Dems have been perfecting. You only have to look at the brazen footage shot during the Alabama Special Election to see how out of control these folks are at this point.

However, I’m going to soften up on Ted Cruz quite a bit because he talks about the root of the problems the leftists have with freedom loving Americans, and he spelled it out in about 4 minutes this morning on Fox & Friends.

In the end, Cruz was instrumental in giving the homeschooling community a huge gift yesterday. What does this have to do with the domestic coup attempt within the United States?


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